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Stranger Things Fans Think They've Spotted Major Plot Hole In Season 4

Stranger Things Fans Think They've Spotted Major Plot Hole In Season 4

Fans of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things reckon they've found a major plot hole

Spoilers ahead for season 4 of Stranger Things, continue reading at your own peril.

Fans of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things think they've managed to find a major plot hole in the newest season of the hugely popular show.

Stranger Things is back for a fourth season, albeit one split into two volumes to keep fans waiting just a little while longer to see how everything turns out.

Critics have showered the fourth season with rave reviews and audiences have been binge watching the episodes ever since they were released.

The penultimate season of the show focuses on the gang's efforts to stop Vecna, the villainous new monster preying on Hawkins, while other storylines feature Eleven's struggles without her powers and the attempts to find out what happened to Hopper.

While fans of Stranger Things have enjoyed the new season, many think they've found a major plot hole that clashes with what we saw in earlier seasons.

The problem many fans have is when we see flashbacks of Eleven's time in the Hawkins lab and is speaking fluently, whereas when she first appeared in season one she could barely speak.

One person wrote they 'thought that was odd' that Eleven was having articulate conversations with people in the lab when we see she can hardly string two words together later on.

Another remembers her character as 'sort of a mute' in the first season, which clashes with her more talkative self in her memories.

A major part of her development in the first season is the other kids teaching her how to speak so they can better communicate with her and learn exactly what's going on.

Other fans suggested there might be an explanation in that Eleven's trauma when breaking out of the lab could have caused her speech to regress to the point that she couldn't say more than a few words.

Indeed, the memories of her time in the Hawkins lab we are shown in season four demonstrate what a disturbing environment it was and how traumatic the violent events of Eleven's escape were for her.

Then again, it's also a show where you've got Demogorgons and other monsters running around – and the audience is fine with those. It might also have been difficult for the writers to take the audience through her memories of the lab if she was barely able to speak to anyone in those scenes.

The first volume of season four of Stranger Things is available to stream on Netflix now, with Volume 2 releasing on 1 July.

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