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Steve Harvey has no idea how to react to Johnny Knoxville’s behaviour on Family Feud

Steve Harvey has no idea how to react to Johnny Knoxville’s behaviour on Family Feud

Steve Harvey was slightly perplexed by the antics of Jackass star Johnny Knoxville

Steve Harvey had no idea how to react after Johnny Knoxville turned up the antics to eleven on Family Feud.

Sure, Johnny Knoxville is a bit of a loose cannon at the best of times, but even the beleaguered host of the popular family group quiz game couldn’t have foreseen what was to come.

So, Knoxville was on with more of an adopted family, which featured fellow Jackass star Dave England.

More on that to come, but see for yourself what happened below:


As you’ll probably have now seen, England gave an answer to a question – as is the custom on the show – but got it totally wrong.

That’s acceptable enough, but – this being the stars of Jackass after all – Knoxville wasn’t about to let it drop.

He went over and laid it down on England with a taser, shocking him off the stage.

Despite being a consummate professional with a lot of experience, it’s fair to say that this incident left Steve Harvey someone flummoxed.

Staring around speechless trying to comprehend what had just happened, he eventually picked himself up to start the show back up again.

At least he didn’t have to restart Dave England’s heart.

Knoxville then tried to justify his actions by stating: “I’m sorry, Steve. That was a terrible answer.”

Steve Harvey was as shocked as (almost) anyone.
ABC/Family Feud

In truth, it was just a wrong answer, that was all.

Still, when you’re keeping the company of Johnny Knoxville, you probably have to just assume that at some point you might be the victim of a taser attack.

After he did it, instead of apologising, Knoxville just said: “We’re gonna have to try harder, team.”

If the threat of a taser shock isn’t enough to focus their minds on the right answer, there’s probably no helping them.

Later on, he also applied the same treatment to his fellow contestant Danger Ehren – Ehren McGhehey to his mam – putting him into the same spot as England.

After he gave what Knoxville described as a ‘stupid’ answer, McGhehey said: “I don’t know, I can’t think straight. I’m freaking out!”

It's fair to say he got him with the taser.
ABC/Family Feud

However, in the spirit of fair play, Knoxville wasn’t above giving out punishment to himself when merited.

Upon answering a question wrong, he turned the taser on himself, screaming before admitting: “That got me good.”

Well, if you will bring a taser onto a primetime quiz programme, Johnny.

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Featured Image Credit: ABC/Family Feud

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