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People can't believe how the audience reacted in the cinema to the first Spider-Man film
Featured Image Credit: Sony

People can't believe how the audience reacted in the cinema to the first Spider-Man film

Social media users have been completely puzzled by the reaction

Now as far as I'm concerned, the 2002 Spider-Man film is a bonafide classic, but some social media users have been stunned by the audience reaction of those watching the titular character in his first film.

It must be said that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy certainly has its flaws and it's a fair bit of cheese - but overall, it's a good time for any fans of the friendly-neighborhood Spiderman.

A clip showing an audience watching the film in the cinema in 2002 highlights just how much they are seemingly enjoying the flick, much to the bemusement of TikTok viewers.

You can see that here:

The short video doesn’t show the whole movie, but rather some of the iconic moments, most notably Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker practicing web-swinging for the first time.

Unsure of how to use his powers, the character proceeds a trial-and-error method of hand gestures and catchphrases in hopes of shooting out his organic webs.

And this resulted in bouts of laughter from the crowd, something that social media users simply didn’t understand.

Tobey Maguire’s was the film series' Peter Parker.
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Image

“They are all laughing like it’s a sitcom, either they’re overreacting or we’ve become duller,” one user commented.

“I don’t get why people clap when something funny happens,” another added.

“It always shocks me that people are so loud in US cinemas. Like nooooo, in the UK, shut it!” another remarked.

And a final said: "They all laughed the same I swear."

While some were puzzled by the response, others suggested that the video could, in fact, be dubbed over with a typical sitcom laugh track rather than authentic audio from the audience.

However, most were there to recall their own memories of seeing the movie for the first time all the way back in 2002.

Parker attempts various hand gestures when trying to web-swing.

“I remember seeing this with my dad in theaters, it was so freaking dope seeing it as a kid,” one user remarked.

“The first web scene was my favorite scene as a kid, I kept replaying it cause I was crying laughing,” another wrote.

“I can confirm I watched it in theatres and this was the response,” a third user commented.

“I was only 9 years old when I saw this movie. My late grandpa took me to see it." a final added.

"Every time I see this movie, I think of him. He passed in 2019.”

We've come quite a long way from 2002's Spider-Man, with Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland being the latest to don the iconic costume - with Spiderman also finally making his way into the MCU.

And we've even gotten the Spiderverse movies to enjoy too - though we should expect the series to only be a trilogy.

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