She-Hulk fans notice subtle nod to Reservoir Dogs as Tim Roth is introduced to series

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She-Hulk fans notice subtle nod to Reservoir Dogs as Tim Roth is introduced to series

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She-Hulk fans have noticed a subtle nod to Tim Roth's character in Reservoir Dogs.

She-Hulk is shaping up to be the series of the summer, despite the superhero's shaky first appearance.

We all know first looks can be deceiving, particularly when those first looks are some fairly dodgy CGI mock-ups of a fan favourite character. But, despite She-Hulk's questionable first appearance, the new Disney+ series dropped on 17 August, and already has some pretty decent reviews.


And those reviews extend to the show's marketing because fans have noticed a subtle nod to Roth's stellar performance in Reservoir Dogs.

In Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece, Roth plays Mr. Orange and it seems that She-Hulk has honoured his incredible performance in their new posters.

One poster see's Roth standing over a city washed in orange as it introduced him as Emil Blonsky for the new Disney+ show.

Fans were quick to notice the subtle nod, with one saying: "Mr. Orange🧡 she-hulk marketing campaign getting the reservoir dogs connection here."

According to the show's synopsis, 'She-Hulk follows Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), an accomplished lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo).'

Jennifer needs a blood transfusion and her cousin, the Hulk himself, is only too happy to help.

That transfusion does more than just revive Jennifer's dwindling health - it gives her powers only few can imagine; mainly turning green and being super strong when she's angry.

So, where exactly does Roth fit into all this? Well, in episode two of the new series, Jennifer's first big case is Emil's parole.

'She-Hulk' with updated CGI. Credit: Disney
'She-Hulk' with updated CGI. Credit: Disney

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that Roth has appeared in the MCU before.

Roth's first appearance in the MCU as Emil, aka The Abomination, was in The Incredible Hulk (2008) where he plays the antagonist for the Hulk (Edward Norton).

While the Hulk defeats Abomination in the film, he's still considered a threat and was subsequently being held in The Vault, a top secret prison in Alaska, with only the highest ranking SHIELD agents knowing his whereabouts.

So, how did Jennifer aka She-Hulk come to argue for his parole? Well, the World Security Council has been arguing for Emil's release as they thought he'd be a great fit for the Avengers programme; despite him being super violent and nearly killing the Hulk.

However, the main case for Emil's release was that he was operating under the pretence that the Hulk was a threat to national security, so tried to intervene.

While he wasn't selected to join the Avengers, this argument forms the main case for his release in She Hulk.

Only time will tell if he's really changed.

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