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People are calling Road House remake the best movie of the year
Featured Image Credit: Laura Radford/Prime Video

People are calling Road House remake the best movie of the year

Conor McGregor's performance has completely divided viewers

While it is still early in the year, some film fans think they have found the best movie of 2024.

While remakes are everywhere in Hollywood these days, movie lovers have been won over by one of the latest to drop on streaming platforms.

The 2024 reimagining of Road House has delighted some social media users, even those that are fans of the Patrick Swayze 1989 original.

The new film features Jake Gyllenhaal and former UFC fighter Conor McGregor in an odd duo that seemingly keeps viewers glued to their seats.

The R-rated film dropped on Amazon’s Prime Video earlier this month, and sees Gyllenhaal's Elwood Dalton swap a chequered UFC career for a job as a bouncer at a rowdy Florida Keys bar.

He quickly gets on the wrong side of a local gang, with McGregor starring as the man sent to kill him.

According to many who have watched the film, it's gripping stuff.

Writing in the Netflix Bangers Facebook group, one impressed fan dubbed it the best movie of 2024.

“Great movie and Conor stole the show great actor,” another added.

“It wasn't Oscar worthy but thoroughly entertaining. Love JG in anything he does,” another wrote.

“Great film, if you don’t understand why this switch your brain off action film isn’t good then you should have rewatched Schindler's List and had a green tea instead,” a third said.

The 2024 remake of Road House has delighted some social media users.
Prime Video

On X, other fans laid on the praise for the film and admitted to being surprised at how much they liked it.

“Just saw Road House... perhaps the best combat I've ever seen in a movie... Conor did great... Jake is fun as always... loved the supporting cast as well. Just a fun time overall,” one X user wrote.

Another said: “Road House remake was solid. One of the best remakes that I’ve seen. Is it better than the original though? I wouldn’t say better, just a different take that’s every bit as entertaining as the original."

A third added: “I am being so serious when I say that Conor McGregor is unironically the best part of the new Road House movie."

However, the film was definitely not without its critics.

Conor McGregor has been called the best and worst thing about this remake.
Prime Video

Many argued the film was an insult to the original film and said McGrgegor was a poor casting choice.

“Conor's acting was horrendous, along with his stupid walk,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Why do they take classic movies and remake them ...this is horrendous! Leave the old movies alone, they were legendary for a reason,” another commented.

“Absolute waste of time love the original, this was why they shouldn’t keep trying to re make films,” a third added.

So not exactly a clear consensus, so maybe worth watching yourself. You can stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

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