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People confused after spotting bizarre tribute to Kanye West in Glass Onion

People confused after spotting bizarre tribute to Kanye West in Glass Onion

Netflix viewers have been left confused after spotting a tribute to Kanye West in Glass Onion.

If you have watched Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery since it released on Netflix just a couple of days before Christmas, you may have spotted a tribute to disgraced rapper Kanye West in one particular scene.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a mystery thriller directed by Rian Johnson and written by Ram Bergman.

The follow-up to 2019's Knives out initially released in September, but has found a new audience in the last week following its release on the popular streaming platform.

Detective Benoit Blanc - who is played by Daniel Craig - returns, with him now finding himself at a lavish private state on a Greek Island.

But as viewers will discover, how and why he comes to be there is one of many puzzles in the film.

Viewers think they may have spotted Kayne West in the film.
ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

In recent days, some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted an eerie similarity between a painting of a prophet and Kanye West.

It was pointed out on Twitter by user @yefanatics who shared a clip of the scene where Edward Norton is standing in front of a painting.

But this painting appears to show the rapper who is known as Ye these days dressed in a robe while holding a chalice in one hand and a torch in another.

The caption to the tweet which now has over 210,000 views on Twitter, said: "Kanye West appears in the movie Knives Out Glass Onion."

Many rushed to the comments of the viral tweet to agree that Kanye West was in the film, with some left very confused by the scene.

One person asked: "Do you think that’s Kanye?" - meanwhile, a second added: "Saw that and was confused, prophet YE."

Another jokingly said: "The entire movie is a homage to Ye."

And a fourth person commented on tweet, adding: "Lmao I don’t even pay that any attention."

A portrait of Kayne West was spotted by viewers in the background of one scene.

Other even put out their own tweet about Ye apparently appearing, as according to Variety, Netflix estimates that 35 million households watched Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery over the Christmas weekend.

One person said: "Now this is all making perfect sense, I like this even more know. The dots are connecting. I love Knives Out 2.

"Why does Miles have a painting of Kanye West in the background?"

And a second added: "why is there a kanye west mural in glass onion knives out."

There's a chance if this is Ye that he might have been added before he made his controversial anti-Semitic comments as filming for the film began in September 2021.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery makers have yet to comment as to whether the picture is Kanye West.

Featured Image Credit: Jeffrey Mayer / Alamy Stock Photo Netflix

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