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People can’t get over what 45-year-olds looked like in the 90s

People can’t get over what 45-year-olds looked like in the 90s

After a tweet went viral from a 1990s film, people can't get over what 45-year-olds looked like back then.

A Twitter post that has gone viral in recent weeks after it fuelled a debate about how 45-year-olds looked in 1990s movies.

Many people have said that actors in the 1990s film industry were portrayed in a very different way as compared to actors of the same age nowadays.

Today's stars such as Jennifer Lopez are praised for their youthful looks, despite being over the age of 50.

But people have realised that stars in the 1990s were portrayed in a very different light thanks to a tweet from writer and director Jessica Ellis.

Accompanying a photo of Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in the 1995 comedy Father of the Bride Part II, Ellis wrote: "An unbelievable thing that has changed in 30 years is that in 1995, this was supposed to be what 45 year-olds looked like.

The tweet has gone viral, sparking huge discussion amongst film fans.
@baddestmamajama/ Twitter

"This photograph also explains why Millennials live with a sneaking suspicion we have never gotten our s*** together.

After receiving many comments saying that Martin's hair had been grey for decades, Ellis insisted it was all to do with styling in the film.

She added: "People are being wilfully annoying so to clarify:

"1. The CHARACTERS are in their mid-40s, this is repeatedly established across both films.

"2. It’s not Steve’s hair, it is the STYLING. The ideal' was to be a person in old lady twinsets and pearls *by your 40s*."

Ellis' original tweet has received 88,000 likes on the social media platform, with over 6,000 retweets, too.

Over 500 people have also commented on the tweet, sparking a strong reaction from many film fans.

One person said: "I knew many women, in their 20s & 30s, who dressed like that in the 80s & 90s. It was a thing."

Steve Martin and Diane Keaton starred in the two Father of the Bride films.
Moviestore Collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

A second added: "People do look lots younger these days due to sunscreen, retinol etc but also just the way people dress. Watching old BBC clips is fun because there'll be some elderly-looking woman in floral doily style but look closer and she's about 50. If it were now, she'd be in active[wear]."

Meanwhile, Sirena Bergman, digital culture editor at Insider, said: "There's definitely something super weird about how tv and movies portrayed anyone older than 25 in the 90s which has absolutely f***** with my ability to gauge what certain ages typically look/feel/behave like."

Another Twitter user also replied to the thread disagreeing with what Ellis had said, they said: "Sorry, but I was 38 in 1995 and this is simply not true. People in their 40s dressed perfectly normally, in jeans and t-shirts unless they were at work."

Others also pointed out how 45-year-olds look in films nowadays, with one Twitter user naming Jessica Chastain - who is 45.

Jessica Chastain was given as an example by one Twitter user how 45-year-olds in films now are different to the 1990s.
ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

The user suggested that the The Good Nurse actor looked youthful for her age, a stark contrast to how the actors in the 1990s were portrayed.

Another example given was Venom actor Tom Hardy - who is also 45 years old.

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