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People Are Pointing Out Amazing Small Details Hidden In Stranger Things 4 You Likely Missed

People Are Pointing Out Amazing Small Details Hidden In Stranger Things 4 You Likely Missed

Even a Stranger Things super fan might struggle to notice these tiny details

People are pointing out amazing small details hidden in Stranger Things that you probably missed.

Even the biggest superfan ever wouldn't be able to guess some of these.

Hardcore bingewatchers will have re-watched the series four numerous of times since its release last month.

But the list, which was put together by Georgia Mooney at The Tab, highlights some key details that the eagle-eyed viewers might have missed.

One of the answers to the crossword was 'Kali' (
Netflix/The Tab)

An answer in Brenner’s crossword puzzle is ‘Kali’

A 1979 flashback that kicks off season four shows Dr. Brenner working at Hawkins National lab, experimenting on children. As he begins his day with a crossword puzzle, he puts down his answer as 'Kali' with the clue being 'Shiva's wife'.

Will’s historic hero is Alan Turing

A theory that hints at Will Byers being gay is that his hero is Alan Turing. Who is that, you may ask? Turning was a big player in revolutionising computer science but was sadly discriminated because he was gay.

When Dustin calls Steve from school, the phone booth says ‘E.T phone home’

Bare in mind that one of the biggest inspirations for the show was ET, the phone booth scene seemed fitting.

Lucas’ basketball jersey is a tribute to Koby Bryant

Mike’s mullet is a tribute to Eddie Munson

Eleven keeps her bedroom door open by three inches

When Mike goes upstairs to give El her Eggo waffles, her bedroom door is cracked open a few inches which fans think is basically a nod to Hopper’s letter he wrote to El in the season three finale.

Nancy kept her Tom Cruise poster from season one

This is probably one detail that you haven't missed to be fair.

Pennhurst Asylum is real

As you might remember, Pennhurst Asylum is where Robin and Nancy go in season four to chat to Victor Creel. However, you might have forgotten that the hospital was mentioned first back in season one when Mike, Dustin and Lucas first found Eleven. Not to mention that Pennhurst is a real place and some reckon it's haunted.

For those who still haven't seen the new series, here's the synopsis: "Darker and denser than its predecessors, Stranger Things' fourth chapter sets the stage for the show's final season in typically bingeworthy fashion."

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Featured Image Credit: Netflix/The Tab

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