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Fans incredibly worried over claim Pedro Pascal is already finished shooting The Last of Us season 2
Featured Image Credit: HBO

Fans incredibly worried over claim Pedro Pascal is already finished shooting The Last of Us season 2

Poor Pedro

If you’ve not been following the updates for the HBO classic, The Last Of Us, you’re in for a treat.

Rumours have been swirling however that Pedro Pascal has already zoomed through his filming schedule and is finished with season 2.

Spoilers ahead!

After season 1 took us through an introduction to the terrifying cordyceps and how the pandemic began (that’s if you’re not familiar with the game), we were able to watch Pascal's Joel Miller develop a wonderful relationship with Bella Ramsey’s Ellie.

Since the end of the first season, fans have been eagerly anticipating when season 2 will drop and by paying attention to its current filming schedule in British Columbia. It has been great to gauge what’s going on and if there’s any leaks.

But the idea that Pascal would already be finished his filming is worrying fans.

Essentially, if you’ve not had the pleasure of delving into the game, you won’t understand the significance of Pascal’s potential short time on set.

Ramsay and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us.

I’m going to break it to you nicely…it’s not a good thing.

In season 2, if we’re going by the gameplay, we should see a time hop where Ellie and Joel are older, and you may find yourself being a little surprised about the absolute mommy-fication of the heroine.

But, it’s one scene in particular, which is going to remind a lot of The Walking Dead fans of Glenn…

If you find yourself watching TLOU season 2 with tears streaming down your face and vengefully wondering why nobody gave you a warning - I did.

Basically, in the game, you’re introduced to a character called Abigail pretty quickly, and you’re going to want to hate her immediately.

Why, I hear you ask?

Pedro Pascal has finished shooting The Last of Us.

Because this chick is going to bludgeon Joel in a way that puts Negan to shame.

X, formerly Twitter, fans have been worrying online about season 2 when it was released by industry insider, Daniel Richtman, that the actor was done shooting.

Richtman told Kotaku over X/Twitter DMs that filming on the show is scheduled to finish in August, with a premier due around March or April 2025.

One person wrote: “W ow he got done quickly, surely he’s going to be in all the episodes.”

Another said: “Wow! They really must be flying through the entire season.

“Right?? Right?”

Don't say I didn't warn you.
Naughty Dog

Despite these claims however, HBO have come out and denied the claim that Pedro Pascal is done filming for season two.

Speaking to IGN, who reached out after Richtman's report, HBO told IGN that Pascal is not done yet with filming for the show.

The studio told the website that the rumours are “not accurate.”

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