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Nicolas Cage stayed in character between takes when he was playing Dracula for Renfield
Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Nicolas Cage stayed in character between takes when he was playing Dracula for Renfield

Even when the actor was having conversations on set, he would still be playing the infamous bloodsucking vampire.

The director behind Renfield has revealed Nicolas Cage liked to stay in character during filming.

People have already gone wild after the trailer for the upcoming Dracula movie dropped as Cage looks *chef's kiss* as the immortal bloodsucker.

But it appears the actor wanted to stay in the moment even when director Chris McKay had yelled 'cut'.

Speaking to Insider, McKay says Nic was definitely dedicated to pulling off an authentic performance.

"Whatever scene we did he would still be 100% living in that attitude after we stopped shooting," the director revealed.

"So if he's a little frosty in the scene he's going to have a little bit of that between takes. But still up for whatever we were doing."

He said even if he was having a direct conversation with Nicolas, he would still be Dracula.

But, it seems like there was a reason behind that.

"You also have to remember, he's covered head to toe in Dracula makeup and costume, so it's a different thing," Chris explained.

"Sometimes he couldn't even bend his body very much because he's got a whole body appliance on. So he's Dracula whether he wants to be Dracula or not."

Renfield looks like a gory yet campy on the classic Dracula story.

The synopsis says: "Count Dracula's lackey R. M. Renfield finds a new lease on life in modern-day New Orleans when he falls in love with Rebecca Quincy, a traffic cop, and decides to finally stand up to his creator in hopes of finally breaking free of his servitude."

Universal Pictures

There have been countless movies about Dracula and many actors have portrayed the iconic character.

But Cage is hoping this will be a new take on the vampire.

"I looked at some what’s been done before and done well and sort of cherry picked what I liked about the Dracula’s that have worked," Cage revealed to Variety.

"Then, I tried to break through that and find something new to do with what I learned.”

He added that the character of Renfield has also been spruced up.

"Usually when you see Renfield in the movies, he’s portrayed in a sort of a grotesque manner," Cage said.

"Nick is a very charming, handsome, elegant, funny and witty actor. So this is a unique take."

Renfield isn't set to be released in cinemas until next month, so we don't know how viewers will receive it just yet.

But Cage is hoping to do a prequel film to explore the character's origins.

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