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Nicolas Cage is returning for a Lord of War sequel
Featured Image Credit: Lions Gate Films/20th Century Fox

Nicolas Cage is returning for a Lord of War sequel

Bill Skarsgård has also jumped on board and will co-star as Cage's son.

The Nicholas Cage renaissance continues as the actor has just been confirmed for a Lord of War sequel.

Variety reported that a sequel to the crime thriller is in the works, and, this time round, Bill Skarsgård is co-starring as Orlov's (Cage) son.

Vendôme Group is backing the project, and principal photography will begin in the fall of 2023.

According to, the follow-up film will follow Orlov, the world's most notorious gun runner, as he discovers he has a son trying to stop him.

Lions Gate Films/20th Century Fox

His son is amassing a mercenary army to fight America’s Middle East conflicts, which triggers an 'inter-generational bitter rivalry' and pits the family against each other.

Andrew Niccol will also return to the director's seat.

He teased to Variety that he still has unfinished business with these characters as there's so much room to 'explore'.

“Plato said it best — ‘Only the dead have seen the end of war'. I’m looking forward to spending more time in the company of the charming devil that is Yuri Orlov and now his illegitimate son — who turns out to not be legitimate in any way," he told the outlet.

However, this isn't the only iconic film of Cage's to have a sequel underway.

It seems that the Moonstruck actor has no problem taking a trip down memory lane, as it's been reported the actor will also reprise his role as Benjamin Franklin Gates in the National Treasure franchise.

Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage was in ‘various stages of discussions’ earlier this year for returning for a third film.

In August, the film's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer gave an update on the film, confirming that the script so far is 'really good', and they’re already sent a copy over to the Moonstruck actor.

"We're working on the script right now," he told "Hopefully [Cage] likes it, but it's really good. So I think we'll get it to him shortly."

The actor has even pitched his own idea for the next instalment, telling in 2007: "With National Treasure I believe that it should become more and more 'International Treasure”.

He continued: "I was very happy to see that we went to London, England and Paris, France, but I'd like to see the movie go wider still.

"I'd like to go into Africa, Egypt, Asia, and keep going. My hope is that Ben [Gates, the films' lead character] is recruited and he gets a dossier from these other countries."

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