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X-Men director says the world might need some time off from superhero movies
Featured Image Credit: Jason Mendez/Getty Images for Universal Pictures. Disney/Marvel

X-Men director says the world might need some time off from superhero movies

Director Matthew Vaughn suggested that Marvel needs to take a ‘less is more approach’.

X-Men director says he believes the world needs a break from superhero movies.

Kick-A** and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn recently sat down with ScreenRant and suggested that Marvel needs to take a ‘less is more approach’.

“I genuinely don’t know what’s happening with the superhero [genre] in the sense that, I do think, maybe we all need a little bit of time off from it,” Vaughn told the publication.

“Maybe someone will make something so great that we will get excited again… Superhero films are films. It’s a film that has superheroes in it. I think what happened was that they became superheroes, and the film part wasn’t that important.”

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for ReedPop

Needless to say, we don’t think he’ll be tuning into Phase Five anytime soon.

The filmmaker also proceeded to talk about the process of making a superhero movie, adding you have to ‘work harder’ for audiences to believe the storyline.

“That’s why X-Men: First Class was pretty grounded. We set it in the Cuban Missile Crisis; they had relatable human problems. And it wasn’t relying on the CG. I think CG’s fucked up everything as well, because you feel like you’re watching a video game," he said.

Vaught added that he believes President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige should ‘make less films and concentrate on making them great.’

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The director’s remarks echoed Quentin Tarantino’s, who earlier this year said that filmmakers can’t wait for the superhero genre to die.

As the Inglorious Basterds director sat down with The Los Angeles Times to promote his new book, he said the genre feels like a ‘chokehold’.

When asked why he hasn’t ever worked on a superhero flick, Tarantino said that he has no interest in dabbling into the genre as he is ‘not a hired hand’.

He added: “I’m not looking for a job.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger previously said that Marvel got carried away with too many film and television projects in the past few years.

It came after Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania had an underwhelming performance at the box office, generating $476 million, becoming one of the few films in the MCU not to break even in its theatrical run.

“There have been some disappointments. We would have liked some of our more recent releases to perform better,” Iger said, as per Variety.

“Not only did they [Marvel] increase their movie output, but they ended up making a number of television series, and frankly, it diluted focus and attention. That is, I think, more of the cause than anything,” he added.

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