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Storage Wars buyer scored one of the most expensive finds in show's history worth $300,000

Storage Wars buyer scored one of the most expensive finds in show's history worth $300,000

The Storage Wars buyer happened upon an extremely unexpected item

One of the buyers on hit reality show Storage Wars shared how he scooped one of the show's biggest ever profits.

The show follows a selection of people who bid on abandoned storage units in the hope that the contents will make them rich.

Of course, this is often far from the case with bidders sometimes finding themselves confronted by something not only worthless, but deeply disturbing.

After all, who knows what things people hide in storage lockers.

But one occasion showed the tantalising possibility facing every storage bidder when they purchase a new unit.

It might be unlikely, but you might just strike it big.

Of course, the bidders have no idea what they're bidding on before the locker is opened, and can only go off what they see in front of them.

Who knows, you might have a seemingly empty locker containing a Fabergé Egg or a previously unknown Picasso.

Those might be an exaggeration, but bidder Darrell Sheets ended up walking away with a very tidy profit after buying one unit.

Darrell spoke about the massive win on Storage Wars. (AandE)
Darrell spoke about the massive win on Storage Wars. (AandE)

That's because the unit did indeed contain a selection of paintings.

It might not have been quite in the heights of a Picasso or lost Da Vinci, but it was certainly worth celebrating.

The paintings were by Mexican artist Frank Gutierrez, and were taken for valuation by Kathy Gallegos of Avenue 50 Studio Inc.

When Sheets bought the unit he paid less than $4,000 for its contents.

This could potentially be a stinging loss if there's nothing worth having in there, so you'd have to be pretty sure you could recoup the money.

And the art was indeed genuine, so how much was it valued for?

One of the paintings found in the unit. (AandE)
One of the paintings found in the unit. (AandE)

In the end Gallegos valued the artwork at approximately $300,000, making it one of the biggest scoops in Storage Wars history.

Sheets' son Brandon revealed one of the paintings from the locker, prompting Sheets to say: “Oh my God, that's so beautiful.

“If this is a real Frank Gutierrez, this thing could be worth thousands. It's a heart at the top with a woman's arms holding two babies over blue birds in a nest."

Gutierrez' work features fantastical elements including dreamscapes.

And after his appearance on the show, Sheets revealed in a 2012 post on Twitter that he had been able to meet the artist.

He said: “Best part is I got to speak to Frank G and I'm giving him back a lot of his personal items. He is a very wonderful man.”

Featured Image Credit: AandE

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