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Jon Bernthal was stunned by Shia LaBeouf's horrific method acting techniques before film

Jon Bernthal was stunned by Shia LaBeouf's horrific method acting techniques before film

The actors worked alongside one another on a 2014 war film.

Jon Bernthal has revealed what it was like working alongside Shia LaBeouf when he was using some intense method acting techniques.

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about method actors making her 'nervous', and it would appear she's not the only star to feel that way.

LaBeouf adopted the technique of method acting - a technique which sees actors dedicate themselves to trying to fully inhibit like character physically, mentally and/ or emotionally off-screen in a bid to truly understand and embody them - before filming with Bernthal.

And it's left a lasting impression on the actor.

Method acting is viewed divisively across the film and TV industry and there are varying levels to the technique.

An example of an actor taking it to extreme levels is Christian Bale, who ended up in hospital after losing so much weight for The Machinist.

And while LaBeouf doesn't classify himself as strictly a 'method actor,' he went pretty all in when filming alongside Bernthal for 2014 release Fury.

The film follows several US tank crews fighting in Germany during the final weeks of the European theatre of World War II and LaBeouf plays the role of heroic gunner Boyd 'Bible' Swan.

In order to get into the mind of Swan, LaBeouf went to some pretty intense and gruesome lengths.

And Bernthal, who played tank loader Grady Travis in the film, spoke about what it was like working alongside him while appearing on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

The actor went to extreme lengths to prepare for the role.

The actor said: "Shia at the time, he was a guy that, you know, when we did Fury together, that was such a wild experience.

"And he was this guy who came in, he pulled his tooth out because he thought his character shouldn't have a tooth.

"He cut his face, he didn't shower for eight months."

Initially, he was wary of LaBeouf, wondering if it was just performative – but this all changed when they started shooting.

Jon Bernthal grew to respect his co-star's dedication to the role.
YouTube/The Joe Rogan Experience

"At first, when I met him, I was like this guy's just f***ing loud, you know? He's wearing his process on his sleeve, showing everybody how hard he's working," he added.

"But what I found after the eight months of working with him was somebody who – and it's just my own [opinion] – this thing is every bit as vital to him as it was for me.

"I found a real partner, I found a real kindred spirit. I found that he was willing to risk it all for the work."

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