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Man rides to Dune 2 screening at cinema on his own sandworm
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@josh.gammon

Man rides to Dune 2 screening at cinema on his own sandworm

The film fan arrived in style for the Dune 2 premiere on an Arrakis sandworm

The Dune films are an epic saga of different plans and wild adventure among an interplanetary war with the desert planet of Arrakis at the centre.

Known for its hot and dry climate, the planet is also famed for one particularly weird inhabitant; the giant sandworm.

First seen in the 2021 film, they also feature in the recently released Dune 2 and one movie fan has fully embraced the creature as they attended a screening of the hotly anticipated sequel.

TikTok user @josh.gammon shared a video of a film fanatic dressed up as a Fremen (a worm rider) and arriving in style at the cinema as they glide around the foyer on their very own sandworm.

Check it out here:

The clip has won admiration from fellow movie fans, as one commented: "The level of commitment we love to see."

Another added: "Movie goers like this are awesome."

A third wrote: "This has NO REASON BEING THIS FUNNY."

Yet some pointed out that in the video clip others in the cinema don't seem bothered by the cool outfit.

One wrote: "The way absolutely no one is phased lol. This is awesome tho."

Someone else agreed: "Why is NO ONE LOOKING AT HIM."

And another shared: "How is this not massively viral yet haha."

The sandworm inhabits Arrakis in the Dune films.
Warner Bros

The cosplay style dress up is just another memorabilia moment for the Dune film series, which saw a bizarrely released product that had everyone talking about it before the sci-fi action movie hit the cinemas.

To tie in with Dune 2, fans have the chance to purchase a limited edition Dune themed bucket of popcorn, complete with an 'Easter egg' from the first movie.

But this isn't your ordinary sweet n' salty treat, as it supposedly features a lid in the shape of one of Arrakis' giant worms, which have layers upon layers of razor-sharp teeth.

The bucket is meant to represent a worm's mouth... right?

The worm's mouth is actually an opening for the cinema-goer to reach into the bucket and take a handful of popcorn, however it's likeness has been compared to something else entirely which we don't think is what the original creators had in mind.

Instead of the mini brutal blockbuster beasts being seen as a cool movie prop or even a little bit scary in their likeness to the Arrakis beasts, fans have been left in tears of laughter after noticing the bucket's unfortunate resemblance to a 'fleshlight'.

Yep, it's not even subtle according to many fans comments on the internet.

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