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Fans devastated after seeing what real Malcolm in the Middle house looks like years later
Featured Image Credit: Fox / Reddit/zotrocks

Fans devastated after seeing what real Malcolm in the Middle house looks like years later

The house formed the setting for a lot of now-iconic Malcolm in the Middle scenes, but you might not recognize it now

Hundreds of Malcom in the Middle fans have been left feeling like they've had a piece of their childhood ripped away after seeing what the much-loved family's home looks like years later.

From the years of 2000-2006, young viewers across the globe watched the antics of the Wilkerson family unfold on their TV screens.

Malcom, Reese, Francis, Dewey, Hal and Louis got into all sorts of sticky situations in various places over the years, but as is true of most families, the majority of the chaos unfolded at home.

The home was the backdrop for many scenes in the series. (Disney+)
The home was the backdrop for many scenes in the series. (Disney+)

In the show, that home was located on 12334 Maple Boulevard; an unassuming street where the bungalow sat back away from the road, partially hidden by a tree in the yard.

According to an Entertainment Weekly article published in 2001, the actual owner of the home used in the TV show earned between $3,000 and $4,000 a day whenever filming took place on the premises.

However, in mid-2001 the owner put the home on the market.

Scenes continued to be set at the Wilkerson's home throughout the run of the show, but images of 12334 Maple Boulevard taken since show that the house has undergone some drastic changes since the cast and crew moved on.

Many fans will remember the bungalow from the show. (Disney+/Reddit)
Many fans will remember the bungalow from the show. (Disney+/Reddit)

The home is actually located at 12334 Cantura Street in Studio City, California, and for years fans flooded to the street to take pictures outside Malcom's home.

It underwent some less dramatic renovations, like a fresh coat of paint, over the years, but fans have now taken to Reddit to share their devastation over the bigger changes to the home which eventually became totally unrecognizable from the structure we became used to seeing in the show.

Rather than the modest bungalow with the tree in the front yard, the home was rebuilt over the years to become a huge white structure with a large glass window on one side, and a manicured lawn neatly bordering the front of the home.

The house looks so different that some fans were left questioning whether the images were 'real', but a quick look on Google Maps confirms that the house at that particular address is no longer the one we saw on TV.

The house looks very different now. (Reddit)
The house looks very different now. (Reddit)

"Hal and Lois must be doing alright these days....," one person joked, as another fan expressed belief that the new design of the home 'looks like an air conditioner'.

"The final result looks almost like a prison," another added. "That blocky modern architecture is one of my least favorite styles. The hard angles are so uninviting."

Some Reddit users suggested the home had been redesigned in part to avoid people walking by the home to take pictures.

One person wrote: "I imagine whoever bought it didn’t want a bunch of foot traffic in front of the house with people taking pictures and probably pushing the boundaries of trespassing to get a closer look. Radical redesign is the best way to ensure some privacy in your new home."

But while Malcom's home as we know it might be gone in real life, it will always live on in the show!

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