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Critics believe Killers of the Flower Moon is Leonardo DiCaprio's best performance of his career

Critics believe Killers of the Flower Moon is Leonardo DiCaprio's best performance of his career

Viewers who have seen Martin Scorsese's three and a half hour epic tale say DiCaprio has delivered a masterclass in acting.

The reviews for Martin Scorsese's newest film are flooding in and critics are absolutely raving about the performances, storyline and editing.

Killers of the Flower Moon is just a few minutes shy of three and a half hours and it contains a bloody and brutal Western crime plot.

The synopsis is described as: "Members of the Osage tribe in northeastern Oklahoma are murdered under mysterious circumstances in the 1920s, sparking a major BOI (which became the FBI in 1935) investigation directed by a 29-year-old J. Edgar Hoover and former Texas Ranger Tom White, described by Grann as 'an old-style lawman'.

Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Ernest Burkhart and Robert De Niro stars as William Hale and they have both delivered masterclasses in acting.

Loads of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes have praised the two for their acting prowess in the epic tale.

Some have even suggested DiCaprio has given the performance of his career.

Ben Rolph from Discussing Film said: "There’s some serious Oscar potential here as Leonardo DiCaprio delivers one of his best performances of all time, along with a top-notch Robert De Niro."

David Ehrlich from indieWire added: "The best performance of Leonardo DiCaprio’s entire career... His nuanced and uncompromising turn as the cretinous Ernest Burkhart mines new wonders from the actor’s long-standing lack of vanity."

While The Ringer's Manuela Lazic wrote: "Martin Scorsese’s three-hour Western features a throwback performance from Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio at his best in a film that mirrors aspects of classics like Goodfellas."

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Lily Gladstone has also been celebrated for her portrayal of the character Mollie Burkhart.

Some critics say while DiCaprio and De Niro are rightful powerhouses, it's Gladstone who deserves a lot of the praise.

The Financial Times' Raphael Abraham said: "Gladstone is the film’s quiet centre, often inscrutable yet exuding a subtle power while the white men chatter away endlessly in this dialogue-heavy movie — 'blackbird talk' as the Osage call it."

Esther Zuckerman from The Daily Beast added: "It's anchored by performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro that both rank among their best, but the soul of the movie belongs to Lily Gladstone, who broke out in 2016's Certain Women."

There has also been a lot of chatter about Scorsese's work in bringing this dark and gritty tale to life.

Despite being 80 years old, it seems like he still has an incredible gift of storytelling.

The movie currently has a rating of 97 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, which ranks as one of the best films of his career so far.

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