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Actor needed to use a 'd**k tie' for his sex scene with Jennifer Lopez

Actor needed to use a 'd**k tie' for his sex scene with Jennifer Lopez

It wasn't the only accessory actor Ryan Guzman had, but it still wasn't as many as Lopez herself

Actor Ryan Guzman has revealed he had to use a 'd**k tie' while getting up close and personal with Jennifer Lopez for a sex scene in one of her movies.

Sounds fancy, right? Would you go for a classic neck tie, or take things to a new level of posh with a bow tie?

As funny as it might be to imagine a little bow tie adorning one's manhood, a 'd**k tie' as used in Lopez's movie actually isn't what it sounds like.

The unusual accessory had to be used by Guzman when he starred alongside Lopez in their thriller The Boy Next Door, which was released in 2015.

Lopez starred as scorned wife Claire Peterson, who separated from her husband after he was unfaithful and soon becomes swept up by the dangerous younger man who moves in next door.

Guzman played said younger man, and in one scene he found himself getting frisky with the iconic Lopez - a situation that a lot of her fans have probably dreamed about at one time or another.

Guzman starred as the younger man in The Boy Next Door. (Universal Pictures)
Guzman starred as the younger man in The Boy Next Door. (Universal Pictures)

However, to ensure things stayed 'professional' between the two actors, Lopez had various 'guards' on her body to prevent Guzman accidentally touching something he shouldn't.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the actor explained: "We kept it professional. Even when I'm grabbing on her chest, there were guards on them too, and my hand had to be positioned in a certain way so it didn't show any of the guards [in the shot]."

Guzman admitted he didn't know such 'guards' existed before he got into making movies, and asked: "Do you have them for men? Because all I'm getting right now is a sock."

Lopez had various 'gadgets' for the movie. (Universal Pictures)
Lopez had various 'gadgets' for the movie. (Universal Pictures)

"You give me a sock and a d**k tie, and she gets all these cool gadgets?," he added.

Guzman then went on to offer a bit more explanation about the d**k tie, even though he admitted he 'couldn't believe' he had to describe the contraption.

He said: "It's this elastic thing on this sock where you make it as tight as you can so that you get no blood flow or anything going on, and it kind of holds on to your man parts so the sock isn't, you know, pulled off during the scene."

To put it simply, it stopped Guzman from getting a b*ner.

It doesn't sound like the most comfortable thing to wear during a scene, but I suppose things could have ended much more awkwardly if he chose to go without it!

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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