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Jack Black says he would 'never say never' to returning to School of Rock

Jack Black says he would 'never say never' to returning to School of Rock

There may be another chance to see Dewey Finn pick up his Gibson SG Standard yet

Jack Black reveals whether he'd consider going back to school and picking up Dewey Finn's Gibson SG Standard to deliver some more rock and roll.

You may already experience the song 'Legend of the Rent' a.k.a. 'You're Not Hardcore' popping into your head at random moments - no? just me? - but what are the chances you'll see Black take on the role of fake substitute teacher Dewey Finn and rock with his class one more time?

It may be 20 years since School of Rock was released, but the role is considered one of Black's most iconic and fans have been begging for the actor to return.

Now, the actor tells UNILAD what the odds are for him to play 'Schnayblay' once again and also what his 'role of a lifetime' has really been.

Black notes he's 'not a big sequel guy', however, it's certainly not unheard of him returning to a role.

Alongside going back to the world of Jumanji, the actor has also reprised his role as Po in Kung Fu Panda on several occasions, most recently for Kung Fu Panda 4.

And the 'roly-poly' panda is a role which is 'special' to him.

"It's the only one that I love to come back and revisit," he continues, adding Po is 'probably up there at the top' of his favorite characters he's played.

"You know, I've got School of Rock that was probably the one that I'm most known for. But right next door is Kung Fu Panda. And I think that the reason is that action adventure comedy combo really suits me because that's what I love.

"I love me some kung fu cinema. I love me some good comedy, and it just satisfies all of my needs as a performer. Know what I mean?

"[...] It has been the role of a lifetime. It's the one I've spent the most time with."

But does that mean he doesn't feel the need to return to School of Rock?

Black says 'never say never' to returning to School of Rock.
Paramount Pictures

Well, the actor tells UNILAD: "Never say never. I'd love to rock again."

And that's not the only movie he'd potentially love to see a sequel come out of.

Black brings up 1993 release Airborne which was 'one of [his] first movies'.

"There's a little movie called Airborne if you can find it in the bargain bin section of the video store that you still have in your neighbourhood.

"It's a rollerblading adventure. That's all that needs to be said."

And whether he'd return to the Kung Fu Panda franchise for a fifth film?

Black has reprised the role of Po several times, including for Kung Fu Panda 4.
WireImage/ Araya Doheny

Well, it could be fifth or 'another six,' Awkwafina chimes in.

Black continues: "So six more would get us to 10. Even Star Wars only went to nine, right? Well, but then they had some side hatch ones, some spin offs.

"Look, never say never. Yeah, but we take it one panda at a time. Exactly. Or one sly fox at a time, right? Or just one at a time.

"We'll see. You know, we enjoyed this one. And we love this one. Yes. You go with the good stories, or if there's great stories.

"Why wouldn't you want to party again?"

You can catch Kung Fu Panda 4 in cinemas in the US now and from 28 March in the UK.

Featured Image Credit: Leon Bennett/FilmMagic / Paramount Pictures

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