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Ice Spice has been cast opposite Denzel in an iconic remake and everyone has the same reaction
Featured Image Credit: Getty Images / Sony Pictures

Ice Spice has been cast opposite Denzel in an iconic remake and everyone has the same reaction

Ice Spice has been cast opposite Denzel to make her acting debut

Ice Spice has been cast in an iconic remake directed by Spike Lee and starring opposite Denzel Washington.


If you’re like me, you have all had the same reaction to the news and trust me – you’re not alone.

According to Variety, Ice Spice has been cast in Spike Lee’s upcoming English-language version of the Akira Kurosawa crime-thriller High and Low – and will star opposite the multi-Oscar winning actor Denzel.

The film will be made with A24 for Apple.

Ice Spice. (Kevin Mazur via Getty)
Ice Spice. (Kevin Mazur via Getty)

The 24-year-old New York rapper will be making her acting debut in the film.

Everyone, understandably, took the news well.

One fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) to say: “Imagine going to film school and auditioning day in and day out, only to lose out on a role to Ice feckin Spice”.

Others outright just stated that this was a sign – and they wouldn’t be watching.

One simply posted ‘we will not be watching’, whilst another said “Spike didn’t learn after his entry of Oldboy?”

This is not Spike Lee’s first time adapting a classic Asian thriller to English, as he produced an English version of the Park Chan Wook cult favourite Oldboy.

The result was a universally hated flop that led Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw to say:

“This Oldboy is another pointless remake, and I couldn't swallow it.”

The film made just $5.2 million against a budget of $30 million.

Many however – feel that judging the film just for casting Ice Spice is premature, and say it is worth waiting.

The rapper will star opposite Denzel. (Sony Pictures)
The rapper will star opposite Denzel. (Sony Pictures)

One responded to a mocking post on r/Letterboxd to say: “I’m not exactly a big fan of Ice Spice, but other than making music not up to the taste of people here, what has she done that’s so terrible?

“Unless she’s a terrible person since I don’t really follow the news on her, I don’t really have a problem with this.

“Harry Styles was in Dunkirk and people whined about his casting but it turned out fine.

“Haven’t seen a lot of their films but Spike Lee seems to be hit or miss but I don’t think I’ve seen a Denzel movie I did not enjoy.”

Whilst Oldboy may have been a miss, it is fair to say that a Spike Lee joint is normally an unforgettable experience.

Going all the way back to Do the Right Thing in 1989, which revolutionised the industry, and Malcolm X, where Denzel and Lee worked together.

Add to that 2019’s incredible BlacKkKlansman, which saw Spike Lee win his first Oscar for adapted screenplay, and underrated classics such as Da 5 Bloods – Lee’s catalogue is deep.

Whilst Ice Spice may not have been our first choice, we will still be there opening weekend.

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