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AI turns Family Guy into a 1980s live action sitcom and the results are freaky

AI turns Family Guy into a 1980s live action sitcom and the results are freaky

If you'd ever wondered what Family Guy would look like as a live-action show, then wonder no longer

With the explosion of AI, many people have turned the new tech to redoing their favourite shows in a completely different style.

A popular form of this sees well-loved cartoons being transformed into a 'live-action' show - though of course, it's still technically animated.

Many people's favourite TV shows have been given the AI treatment in recent months, including Futurama and The Simpsons, which look — let's say—extremely different after being given the AI treatment.

As is often the case with AI-generated bits such as this, the results are equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

In this case, the AI generator was instructed to generate a version of Family Guy as a sitcom from the 1980s.

Lois Griffin in the AI mockup. (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)
Lois Griffin in the AI mockup. (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)

The video is structured like a trailer for a 1980s sitcom, with an establishing shot of the Griffin's house before showing how each of the main characters look.

Of course, one of the main factors in converting a cartoon to a 'live action' AI image is that cartoons are often highly stylised caricatures of people.

This can lead to some AI generated images of people with some interesting characteristics.

One notable inclusion is the infamous Giant Chicken, known as a frequent menace to Peter Griffin as the pair randomly duke it out in increasingly outlandish fist fights.

Daffy Duck meets God Emperor of Dune. (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)
Daffy Duck meets God Emperor of Dune. (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)

In this version, however, the 'chicken' looks like a nightmarish combination of Donald Duck and Jabba the Hutt.

You may also have some trepidation over how infant Bond Villain Stewie was interpreted.

In the cartoon Stewie is known for his distinctive rugby ball shaped head, which may have been interesting in an AI-generated 'live' version.

But it turns out that instead Stewie and liberal dog Brian were interpreted simply as a blonde baby and a slightly sad-looking golden labrador.

Peter Griffin (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)
Peter Griffin (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)

And some fans of the hit animated show shared how uncannily similar Stewie and Brian looked to one part of the episode Road to the Multiverse.

One wrote: “I love how Brian and Stewie look the same as they did when they had to travel through different time lines, and they ended up as live action ones.”

While another posted: “Brian and Stewie look exactly like they do in the Multiverse episode where they get transported to the real life dimension."

Brian and Stewie. (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)
Brian and Stewie. (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)

Viewers are also treated to the main cast including Peter, Lois, Meg, and Chris, as well as supporting characters like Cleveland Brown, Glenn Quagmire and Joe Swanson.

And fans took to the comments to share their thoughts - with many finding the video to be akin to some sort of 'bizarre window into an alternate reality'.

One wrote: “It's really uncanny and kinda creepy that AI is making these... they look freakishly realistic.”

While another said: “It's scary how well these realistic counterpoints make sense."

Chris Griffin (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)
Chris Griffin (Lyrical Realms/YouTube)

A third said that effects were 'perfect', adding that Quagmire and Joe looked 'exactly' how they would picture them as real people, while another said that AI had 'nailed' Chris, as he was just like how they’d imagined him if he was a ‘live person’.

Others said they'd actually like to see a sitcom version of the show, as one said: "I unironically actually want to watch this as a 80s sitcom."

“You have no idea how badly I would binge the heck out of this show,” another agreed.

Featured Image Credit: Lyrical Realms/YouTube

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