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Magician buries himself live on TV in terrifying scenes

Magician buries himself live on TV in terrifying scenes

"This is scientifically impossible."

People are flooding to social media in shock after a magician broadcast himself getting buried alive on live TV.

British magician Dynamo - real name Steven Frayne - took on 'his most dangerous stunt ever', taking to screens yesterday (15 December) to be buried alive, live on air.

I really shouldn't need to say this, but just in case your intrusive thoughts are creeping in, don't try this at home.

In a two-hour special titled Dynamo Is Dead, the magician followed in the steps of Houdini, burying himself alive as a way to mark the death of his stage name 'Dynamo' - to 'lay to rest parts of [himself] that [he] want[s] to move on from,' Dynamo told The Times.

The magic trick has previously been attempted by not only Houdini, but the likes of Antony Britton, Joseph Burrus and Alan Alan. However, the magicians all had to be rescued from the feat - Burrus tragically dying after being pulled from the dirt.

Dynamo took to the ground underneath Antony Gormley’s Angel Of The North statue in Gateshead, England to bury himself underneath five tonnes of soil - not even a casket to protect him - and to add to the tension, the whole feat was live streamed.

It was Dynamo's 'most dangerous stunt ever'.
Getty Images/ Chris J Ratcliffe

A clip of the live-streamed event has been widespread on social media, showing the moment Dynamo pops himself down into the hole, the ladder removed, the magician lying down in the deep grave, his arms crossed over his body. Then, the pouring of the dirt commences.

Four helpers chuck dirt down on top of the magician, covering him from head to toe. However, their efforts are then replaced by a truck which comes along and dumps a huge amount of soil on him, completely covering the magician and filling the hole.

The moments that follow are nail-biting to say the least.

At two minutes and 48 seconds on the clock, the magician breaks the surface, crawling his way up to the top of the grave.

And viewers are flocking to social media in awe of Dynamo's stunt, many in disbelief - but thankful - he succeeded.

One TikTok user wrote: "Did anyone else just watch Dynamo is Dead, where he buried himself live on TV? I actually can't believe he actually survived this."

"How can you rise through that much mud?" Another questioned.

A third commented: "Idk how he did it but this is scientifically impossible."

And a final simply resolved: "I said it before and I’ll say it again he genuinely is magic."

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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