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People are just finding out bizarre connection between The Matrix and 9/11 that 'unlocked conspiracy'
Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. / Lambert/Archive Photos/Getty Images

People are just finding out bizarre connection between The Matrix and 9/11 that 'unlocked conspiracy'

Only eagle-eyed film fans will have noticed the tiny detail

Over 20 years on from the release of The Matrix and people are still finding out new things about the cult classic.

Starring Keanu Reeves as frontman Neo, The Matrix is easily one of the most popular sci-franchises there are to date (sorry, Star Trek).

With this in mind, it's safe to say there are some die-hard Matrix fans out there, and they're still hunting for movie easter eggs to this day.

And there's one that's been doing the rounds on social media of late that you probably missed; and people have quipped that it's a 'glitch in the matrix'.

In one scene of the first movie, where Neo is being interrogated by federal agents, they have a folder filled with documents, including his passport.

Neo was born as Thomas A. Anderson, which is shown on his passport - but it's not his name that people have been talking about.

In fact, eagle-eyed film fans have spotted the expiration date of Neo's passport and it turns out to be the same date as the fateful day that was 9/11 - one of the world's most deadly terrorist attacks.

Taking to Reddit yesterday (April 2), a Matrix fan shared a snap of the passport and pointed out the date.

"New conspiracy unlocked," a fellow Redditor wrote in the thread.

Another person even suggested that the name Neo stands for 'Nine Eleven Orchestrated'.

Someone else pondered: "So the Wachowski’s were behind it all?!?!"

Elsewhere, someone wrote on X: "Maybe Neo knew all along what would happen on that day."

Others have labelled the coincidence as "f**king weird".

While The Matrix franchise is fictional, a physics professor has previously claimed to have found evidence that we are in fact living in a 'virtual reality simulation'.

Physicist Dr. Melvin Vopson said that the way the universe is ordered is as streams of information, and patterns and symmetry mirror what you might find in a computer programme.

Keanu Reeves as Neo.
Warner Bros.

Speaking to Mail Online last year, Dr. Vopson said: "My studies point to a bizarre and interesting possibility that we don't live in an objective reality and that the entire universe might be just a super advanced virtual reality simulation.

"To put it simply, everything appears to evolve to an equilibrium state where the information content is minimal.

"Such behaviour is fully reminiscent of the rules deployed in programming languages and computer coding.

"Simulating a super complex universe like ours would require a built-in data optimisation and compression mechanism in order to reduce the computational power and the data storage requirements to run the simulation."

Dr. Melvin Vopson in an episode of Life Solved at the University of Portsmouth.
University of Portsmouth

The professor then went on to claim that we see evidence of this 'data optimisation' around us all the time in things in other scientific systems such as biology, atoms, and mathematics.

While he admitted that he didn't have 'definite proof', Vopson was confident that his theory could raise questions about simulated universe theory.

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