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Bill Skarsgard praised for behaviour towards It cast when camera stopped rolling

Bill Skarsgard praised for behaviour towards It cast when camera stopped rolling

Despite playing one of the most iconic horror villains of all time, Bill Skarsgard seems to bring some much-needed fun to the set of IT.

It’s often said that you should never work with animals or children, but Bill Skarsgård seems to disagree with that rule.

A video of the Swedish star has resurfaced of him laughing and joking with his young cast mates on the set of IT – with fans praising his attitude.

Despite playing the terrifying Pennywise, the actor can be seen giving out high five as the group gears up for another take.

Inspired by the classic Stephen King novel of the same name, the horror follows the ‘Losers Club’ as the seven young misfits battle an ancient shape-shifting evil.

Shot over the summer of 2016, the cast was not much older than their on-screen alter egos who were meant to be 11-years-old.

In fact, Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard was just 12 when production began – leaving the actor little downtime in his intense filming schedule.

However, Skarsgård seems to be able to keep things light-hearted and can even be heard playfully asking the kids: “Are you ready to beat the s**t out of me?”

Handing out multiple high-fives, the kids seems to have a real repour with the Scandi actor – who brings some much need fun to the spooky set.

After the clip was leaked on TikTok, many fans have been praising the 32-year-old for his kind gesture.

The Swedish actor was praised for his on-set behaviour.
Warner Brothers

One surprised user joked “I never would’ve expected to see a wholesome moment from Pennywise.”

Meanwhile, another IT fan gushed: “I always love the behind the scenes of horror movies because the villains are always so nice on set.”

A third wrote: “It's awesome that when they first saw him they were totally scared and crying and later on they're high-fiving and laughing together.”

Others dubbed the Swedish actor a ‘sweetheart’ as they spoke about the film in-depth, with a fourth fan revealing a surprising detail about a cast member.

According to the horror aficionado, the actor who played Georgie would often cry because he couldn’t see Skarsgård as they filmed the iconic paper boat scene.

They then gushed: “It would be so wholesome to see bill as pennywise hugging him.”

Sadly though, we won’t be getting any more behind-the-scenes moment any time soon as It’s director has moved on to other projects.

Despite fans hoping for a sequel, Andy Muschietti is now rumoured to be adapting the Brave and the Bold which is based on the classic DC comic.

Working alongside studio exec James Gunn, the production has been halted amid the ongoing writer’s strike.

Let's hope he finds time to return to the dark side with another installment of IT.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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