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America Ferreira leaves Barbie co-stars stunned as she shares her grim guilty pleasure

America Ferreira leaves Barbie co-stars stunned as she shares her grim guilty pleasure

None of them suspected her dirty little secret

You might have expected the well-groomed cast of Barbie to keep it clean during a recent Vanity Fair interview - but it turns out that America Ferrera had a dirty little guilty pleasure she needed to share and her cast mates were certainly not expecting her to say that.

In an interview shot prior to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, Margot Robbie, Issa Rae, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon and Greta Gerwig sat down for a test of how well they really know each other.

From what Robbie would teach a pet parrot to say to who would sing the theme tune to Rae's life - their answers were interesting but not altogether surprising.

Enter Ferrera. While her colleagues got her personality drink spot on (a spicy Mezcal marg - spicy, smokey, grounded and occasionally sweet - in case you're wondering), the second question threw the team for a look.

When she asks: "What's my guilty pleasure?"

McKinnon answers: "Cookie dough," without skipping a beat.

But as Rae, establishes - her true shameful joy isn't a foodie one. It's actually a little bit grubbier than that.

Gerwig edges closer saying: "I bet like a massage or something."

"Self-care is your guilty pleasure," says Rae sarcastically.

"Looking on Redfin [real estate] and fantasising about other lives," suggests McKinnon.

"No I don't feel guilty about any of those things," admits Ferrera.

So what is her shameful pleasure?

"My guilty pleasure is -oh god I'm really going to regret saying this," she says, hesitating for a moment.

"Being away from your kids," quips Rae.

The cast were divided on her answer.
Vanity Fair.

"No it's not showering for a few days," she admits as her shoulders raise to her ears in a physical cringe.

"What? I would never have expected that," explain Robbie, as castmate McKinnon totally gets it saying: "Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh," in the kind of solid agreement that says she's never thought of it but totally gets it.

Gerwig is also quietly agreeing in the background saying: "Oh that's a good one."

Rae, meanwhile mutters and shakes her head as if she has the ick.

The cast were seeing how well they knew each other.
Vanity Fair

The cast must be in high spirits as Barbie is set to have an opening weekend that might double that of rival film Oppenheimer, if the latest estimates are to be believed.

The estimates suggest that Barbie is set to land a bumper box office weekend, thanks to an incredibly high-budget marketing campaign, as well as the mass-appeal of the movie.

Some estimates suggest that it might rake in between $95 million and $110 million across 4,200 cinemas in North America this weekend.

It also debuted on Rotten Tomatoes with an impressive 88 per cent score with 83 critic reviews added to the site and critics agreeing that Barbie is a must-watch.

Barbie opened in cinemas yesterday (July 20).

Featured Image Credit: Vanity Fair

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