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Jackass fans shocked to spot Bam Margera in brutal film scene even though they tried to 'cut him out'
Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Jackass fans shocked to spot Bam Margera in brutal film scene even though they tried to 'cut him out'

Turns out he was in the movie after all

While many believed Bam Margera didn't feature in Jackass Forever, it turns out he did.

Margera ultimately ended up estranged from many of his Jackass co-stars, despite having starred in the well-loved comedy's original line up.

He was set to star in the franchise's fourth film but, following test shooting for the 2022 movie, he was fired.

It was reported that it was allegedly part of Margera's contract to stay sober during filming but he went on to fail a drugs test in 2020.

The TV star went on to have a turbulent time afterwards - even going missing at one point.

Margera fled his rehab facility on two separate occasions.

He also filed a lawsuit against co-star Johnny Knoxville after claiming he'd been unfairly fired from the Jackass Forever movie and that he had allegedly been subjected to inhumane, abusive and discriminatory treatment' during filming.

But he ultimately dropped the suit in 2022.

According to court documents seen by PEOPLE, a settlement had likely been reached.

As all the drama was unfolding at the time, Jackass fans believed that Margera wouldn't feature in Jackass Forever at all.

However, two years on from its release, some eagled-eyed fans have in fact spotted him in one of the movie's scenes.

Jackass fans have spotted Bam Margera in a Jackass Forever scene.
Paramount Pictures

The scene is question is the one where the cast dress up as a marching band and purposely propel themselves off a moving treadmill one by one (as you do).

With them all in uniforms and hats, it's not totally clear who was involved in the scene - but there is snippet where Margera is seen without his cap post-fall.

The scene has since been discussed on Reddit as Jackass fans expressed their surprise to see him.

Don't try this at home, kids:

"I’ve watched Jackass Forever a few times and for some reason just noticed Bam was in this scene," someone penned on a Jackass-dedicated thread yesterday (February 18).

Someone replied that it made them 'sad every time they saw this', adding: "He was there and ready to film again and ready to work with old friends and then sh*t hit the fan."

While a third claimed to have spotted him while watching the film in theaters, writing: "I saw this in the theater and shouted "THAT'S BAM!!" but no one believed me since it went by so fast, once it came out on streaming I felt so validated that I could prove it.

"They cut him out pretty well, but I know Bambam when I see him goddammit."

Despite having gone through a difficult time in recent years, Margera is said to be on the up and announced in late 2023 that he was officially 100 days sober.

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