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Ana de Armas says she was ghosted by men because of how she used to look

Ana de Armas says she was ghosted by men because of how she used to look

The star opened up about her dating life

The dating world is always a tricky one, and something that doesn't just apply to us 'normal' people.

Ana de Armas is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now, but that certainly hasn't always been the case.

While promoting her movie Ghosted earlier this year, de Armas spoke about how she was in fact ghosted.

For those who need a refresher on what 'ghosting' is, it's a dating trend where one person just suddenly cuts off all contact and practically disappears.

One minute they're noncommittally answering 'haha yeah lol' to a relatively unfunny text you sent and the next it's like they never existed at all - just like a ghost.

Yes, the signs may have been there all the time, but when you are in the talking stage thinking you're chatting to the love of your life, you can be a bit oblivious.

For the countless number of us that have been through it, the act of ghosting can be pretty hurtful, and that also applies to celebrities as well.

Among those who have been on the receiving end of ghosting is de Armas.

Ana de Armas admitted she had been ghosted before.
Marc Piasecki/WireImage

When asked if she'd ever ghosted someone or been ghosted, she said: "I have, and I have. I wasn't always looking like this. It's been a lot of years in-between."

This revelation came as something of a shock to those who saw the interview, who were perplexed at the idea that someone would be daft enough to ghost someone like de Armas.

People were very confused as to 'how could someone ghost Ana de Armas' and reckoned that the men who'd done that must be kicking themselves right about now.

Others were desperate to know exactly 'who ghosted her', while a few wondered if perhaps the showbiz lifestyle made it difficult to stay with someone regardless of how good they looked.

Her co-star Chris Evans was adamant that he hadn't ever ghosted anyone, though de Armas revealed she didn't really believe that.

Who in this wide world would ghost either of these two?

Evans said he'd 'rather be ghosted' as you could just assume 'they maybe changed their number' and tell yourself there was a breakdown in communication.

The Marvel star said that at least with ghosting there was some 'ambiguity' and it was better than the 'slow tortured drip' of a person just slowly fading from your life.

He said it was 'much worse when the person just texts you less and less' as it meant 'they want nothing to do with me and there's no mistaking it'.

Apparently this is called 'Caspering', so named after the Casper the Friendly Ghost titular character and it's supposed to be a more friendly type of ghosting where you steadily fade away instead of dropping off the face of the Earth entirely.

Suppose there is more warning with this, eh?

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