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People are all saying the same thing after seeing clip from controversial new Amy Winehouse biopic

People are all saying the same thing after seeing clip from controversial new Amy Winehouse biopic

The first clip of the upcoming biopic has now been released, and many fans are reacting the same way

The first clip of the upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black has been released, and many fans have the same reaction.

A trailer for the movie about the iconic singer was released on January 11 and it's set to release in the United States on May 17, and the UK on April 12.

Marisa Abela takes on the role of Winehouse in the movie, which is directed by Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson, while Jack O'Connell stars as her ex-husband, Blake Civil-Fielder.

Eddie Marsan and Juliet Cowan play her parents, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, while The Crown's Lesley Manville plays her grandmother, Cynthia Winehouse.

Despite much anticipation surrounding the movie, many fans of the late singer have been opposed to a biopic right from the beginning.

Some even suggested boycotting the film after a first look of on-set pictures were released that seemed to portray the fictionalized arrest of Civil-Fielder as Abela portrays a distressed Winehouse.

Winehouse's father even responded to some of the criticism from fans about Abela not looking 'exactly' like his daughter.

And the latest glimpse of the upcoming movie has done nothing to quell fan opposition - if anything, it has appeared to have only added to the flames.

The clip was posted to the movie studio's official TikTok page.

Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse.

It shows Abela singing Stronger Than Me from Winehouse's 2003 debut studio album in a studio.

The video then cuts away to her performing at famous Soho jazz club Ronnie Scott's, to a rapturous reception.

But upon seeing the clip, fans of Winehouse have taken issue with one editorial decision in particular.

Many disagreed with the choice to have Abela actually sing the part, rather than lip sync to the original tracks.

While comments have been turned off on TikTok, fans still replied to it on other platforms to express their opinion.

They took to social media to share how they also simply didn't think that the actor would be able to match up to Winehouse's iconic voice.

One commented: “Having an actress trying to mimic one of the most distinctive voices in recent music history is certainly… a choice."

Another questioned why the scene wasn't lip-synced, writing: "If it worked for the Temptations movie it’ll work for this!”

For a third viewer though, it seems that even having the actor lip sync wouldn't have been enough.

They wrote: “I didn’t even have to open video to tell how much I hate the way her mouth moves when she sings."

Featured Image Credit: StudioCanal

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