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New Netflix Legal Drama Is Being Called Television At Its Best
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

New Netflix Legal Drama Is Being Called Television At Its Best

There's a new Netflix series and people are already giving it rave reviews.

Released just last week, this new Netflix legal drama series is already top of the charts in the US and UK, overthrowing Ozark's shocking series finale.

Look, there's undeniably a lot to watch on Netflix, but this series starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Maggie McPherson is sitting leaps and bounds above the rest.

So, what series are we talking about? It's none other than The Lincoln Lawyer.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Now, before you say: 'Isn't that a Matthew McConaughey film?', we would like to confirm that yes, it is. But this series is different – well, kind of.

You see, while the 2011 film and 2022 series share the same name and follow the same character, they're not the same story.

Confused? So were we but, basically, both films are based on the crime/thriller series by Michael Connelly, which follows the life of attorney Mikey Haller.

The film is based on the first book in the collection, while the series is based on the second. Make sense? Great.

So, here's what you can expect from the series, according to the official Netflix synopsis: "Sidelined after an accident, hotshot Los Angeles lawyer Mickey Haller restarts his career — and his trademark Lincoln — when he takes on a murder case."

Yep, sounds cheery right? While the series doesn't have the wholesome charm of Gilmore Girls, it does have something pretty special...

The series follows the story of Mikey Haller.

Since it's release on the streaming platform last week, the reviews have been nothing short of spectacular, with one fan saying of the series: "THE MUST VIEW LINCOLN LAWYER! (NETFLIX)

"I binge-watched the just released new Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer. Yes! This is Hollywood television at its best today. I highly recommend you watch this series to see how to tell a riveting, moral, and intelligent story. #Netflix."

And if you couldn't tell by the all-caps they were pretty excited and if the other reviews are anything to go by, viewers are in for a wild ride.

Another user added: "Just finished watching The Lincoln Lawyer by @Connellybooks. Loved it from start to finish. Great twists, great acting and a great set up for season 2. Love the vehicle registration plates that Mickey Haller has. We'll done all."

A third added: "Just watched Episode 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. I loved it. The cast is great, all of them. The choice of Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller is great. Elements that are in the books are there. Quality of the writing and photography are as good as Bosch. @Connellybooks."

So, what are you waiting for? You can stream The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix now.

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