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People are saying this forgotten Owen Wilson movie is a must watch
Featured Image Credit: The Weinstein Company

People are saying this forgotten Owen Wilson movie is a must watch

The movie starring Owen Wilson sees the actor taking on a different kind of role

A little-known film starring Owen Wilson has got people talking after it re-emerged online.

When you think of Wilson, you probably think of his many comedic movies - from Zoolander, Wedding Crashers to Meet the Parents.

However, this 2015 movie sees Wilson departing from the more comedic roles he is associated with.

Instead, he leads in an action thriller, starring alongside It's Complicated's Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan.

With the movie now on Netflix, viewers have responded with glowing reviews.

So what is this movie about?

It's called No Escape, and sees Owen Wilson playing a US civil engineer who is working in an unspecified Southeast Asian country when it's rocked by a coup d'etat.

Just so you know, there will be some spoilers for the movie below, you have been warned.

The story follows Wilson's character, Jack Dwyer, and his wife, played by Bell, as the situation deteriorates around them.

Owen Wilson in No Escape.
Bold Films

They, along with their two young daughters, have to attempt to make their escape from the country using any means they can.

On the way, they encounter British man Hammond, played by Pierce Brosnan.

And spoiler alert, it turns out that the mysterious British man played by a former James Bond has more to him than meets the eye.

Eventually the family are able to make their way through the country and escape across the border - but not before they go through a few horrendous ordeals.

No Escape came with glowing recommendations after someone asked on Netflix Bangers if it was worth watching.

The film is a detour from Wilson's usual comedic roles.
Bold Films

One person praised Wilson's performance, saying that they hadn't 'expected it' from the actor.

They wrote: "So good, wasn’t expecting this kind of performance from Owen Wilson before watching it."

A second commended the acting, writing: "Watched this last night edge of your seat action thriller really well acted too."

While someone else told how they were completely taken in by the acting, writing: "Amazing movie definitely a fave of mine edge of your seat stuff and the thought of that happening is terrifying its a must watch."

Another posted: "Watched last night and really enjoyed. Was literally shouting at the tv."

While it was well received here, critically the movie did not do quite so well at the time of its release.

The score for No Escape on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes stands at 48 percent, while its audience score is slightly better at 62 percent.

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