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Netflix horror film is so terrifying it's forced viewers to turn it off
Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Sony Pictures Releasing

Netflix horror film is so terrifying it's forced viewers to turn it off

Viewers who have managed to make it through the movie have said it's a 'new favorite'

If you've ever mocked a mate for calling a film 'scary', then Netflix has a title that will put your bravado to the test.

When it comes to horror movies, there are two kinds of people.

There are those who downright refuse to watch anything scary, knowing there's no point unless they want to have nightmares for the next month, and there are those who just can't get enough.

The latter consider themselves masters of horror - they know all the styles and stereotypes, the jump scares and the twists.

They claim to love the fear - but will the same be said for a movie on Netflix that left one person saying they nearly 'peed [their] pants'?

Titled Veronica, the movie tells the story of a teenage girl who decides to use a Ouija board to contact a deceased loved one.

Needless to say, it's all downhill from there.

Veronica was inspired by real events.
Netflix/Sony Pictures Releasing

It's while babysitting her younger siblings that Veronica begins to feel evil forces in her house, and soon all hell breaks loose.

What makes the film even more unnerving is the claim that it's based on real life, as indicated by opening and closing scenes which appear to feature real phone calls and photos.

The story of Veronica is based on a case about a teenage girl who died in the early 90s in Madrid after participating in the use of a Ouija board at school.

Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro ultimately died in the hospital of an 'unexplained, sudden, and suspicious respiratory restriction', her family said, but in the months prior to her death, she'd reportedly experienced seeing shadows and hearing voices.

Fans have praised the movie, if they can make it through.
Netflix/Sony Pictures Releasing

Director Paco Plaza used a lot of artistic license to create Veronica, but in doing so he created a film that's apparently so scary, a lot of people have struggled to make it through the whole thing.

"I'm home alone, I started watching "Veronica" on Netflix, got through 39 minutes and I'm too scared to continue but it's too good to stop," one film fan wrote.

Another commented: "Started watching #Veronica on @netflix ...20 minutes in and NOPE! Gonna have to save this s**t for another day. And when I say "day" I mean actual f**king daytime."

Though it might be a terrifying watch, those who have made it through have assured it's worth it.

"so i just watched Veronica on @netflix and holy Horror did it ever live up to all the hype," one viewer wrote.

"It didn't get scary enough to turn off but i'm sure i'll have a few nightmares tonight. i seriously loved it though, already ranking high as a new fave."

If you want to put your bravery to the test, watch Veronica on Netflix now.

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