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Fans are raving over 'beautiful' Netflix film with 86% on Rotten Tomatoes based on a true story

Fans are raving over 'beautiful' Netflix film with 86% on Rotten Tomatoes based on a true story

The Netflix film starring Kate Mara and Tom Felton has gone down well with viewers, with many saying the same thing

If there is one thing sure to make me cry – it’s got to be a heartfelt film involving a dog.

Whether it be Eight Below, A Dog’s Purpose, or Marley and Me (10-year-old me is still not over it), it’s a sure-fire way to tug on the heart strings.

In the case of this 'beautiful' movie which has landed on Netflix – that is the case.

A true story, it follows a young marine corporal and the bond between her and her canine best friend.

Kate Mara stars in the 2017 film. (Bleecker Street)
Kate Mara stars in the 2017 film. (Bleecker Street)

The film is question is called Megan Leavey, and it’s available to cry at on Netflix right now in the US.

A film fan posted about the 2017 movie in the Facebook group ‘Netflix Bangers’, saying: “Just watched this one, based on a true story. If you are a dog person, you have to watch it. Beautiful movie about life, love, committment, trauma and healing.”

Starring Kate Mara, the flick has been a hit with fans – with commenters in the group in unanimous agreement with the poster about the film.

One commented: “I have two German shepherds. Just watched this 2 nights ago. I never cry at movies ,.. this made me cry. Great movie!”

The film’s true story is an inspirational one, and has clearly connected with fans and critics alike.

With a whopping 86 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, reviewers were just as much in love with this film as us regular film fans were.

Rolling Stone gave the film a three out of four rating, saying: “Kate Mara is raw and riveting in the title role, a marine who ends up in combat in Iraq with a bomb-sniffing German shepherd. It's a true story that earns your tears.”

In their review for, Sheila O’Malley was full of praise. They said: “The emotion in Megan Leavey is not forced. It flows, up and down the leash, just like it's supposed to.

Fans are loving it. (Bleecker Street)
Fans are loving it. (Bleecker Street)

“Megan's story is well-known (it made the national news at the time), but even if you remember the details, the way it plays out—and the increasing desperation of the PTSD-rattled Leavey to get what she wants and needs—is heartrending to endure.”

The true story is an inspirational one, with the real-life Megan Leavey capturing hearts across the US for her tale of redemption and courage.

Megan Leavey is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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