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People are raving over 'one of the best' police dramas on Netflix that not many know about
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

People are raving over 'one of the best' police dramas on Netflix that not many know about

The series already has three seasons to sink your teeth into

TV lovers are raving over a police drama on Netflix with three whole seasons ready for you to sink your teeth into.

Sure, new TV series are great and all, but you can't beat finding a show that already has multiple episodes and seasons ready for bingeing, can you?

Luckily Netflix users are here to help anyone who's looking for exactly that, with a recommendation for a police drama that was first released in 2018.

The series stars Finnish actor Pihla Viitala as Sofia Karppi; a detective who discovers the body of a young woman on a construction site.

It would be a shocking find for anybody, but what Sofia doesn't know at the time is that the discovery triggers a chain of events that threatens to destroy her life - and not for the first time.

Titled Deadwind, the series features 12 episodes each at around 45 minutes long in its first season, followed by two more seasons each with eight episodes. That's right - it's the perfect series for a weekend marathon.

Pihla Viitala stars in Deadwind.

Though the series has been around for some time, some viewers are only just discovering it and have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

Posting on LADbible's Netflix Bangers Facebook page, one fan shared a poster for Deadwind and wrote: "One of the best police drama on Netflix with beautiful cinematography of Finland."

Another group member agreed, writing: "Love the series saw it quite sometimes [sic] ago I prefer Scandinavian movies especially murder and mystery...the scenery is so beautiful....wish there is more season to it.."

Other Netflix users have taken to X to share their praise, with one person commenting: "Yearly reminder that if you, like me, love a Scandinavian crime drama, the Finnish #Deadwind on Netflix is top-tier."

Another joked: "HALP PLEASE cannot stop watching #Finnish series #Deadwind on #Netflix send thoughts and prayers all other duties neglected."

Viewers can't get enough of the series.

Netflix users aren't the only ones who have recognized Deadwind as a series worth watching, as in 2018 it was nominated for the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize in the category of Best Nordic Screenplay.

When the series was picked up by Netflix, Riina Hyytiä, CEO of the company that produced Deadwind, commented: "We are extremely proud to launch Deadwind internationally on Netflix because we know that the Nordic noir fan base will be there and it’s a unique opportunity for our series to reach a large international audience.

“Signing such a big deal is something you dream about, and at the same time it’s just a conclusion for a long lasting hard work on the series. We’ve been lucky to collaborate with the right persons, and I’m particularly thankful to APC for their excellent job.”

Deadwind is available to stream on Netflix now.