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'Crazy' new Netflix docuseries about social media DMs is leaving people terrified
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

'Crazy' new Netflix docuseries about social media DMs is leaving people terrified

The new Netflix true crime thriller about social media is leaving people 'petrified'

A new thrilling Netflix show about social media has been called 'crazy' as it takes us through a wild game of cyber stalking.

The true crime series is a recent addition to Netflix, and follows Matthew Hardy through his decade of stalking victims via social media and hiding behind fake online accounts, which turns into a twisted tale that's left viewers 'frustrated and petrified.'

Hardy's modus operandi was to pretend to be other people online, posing as friends of his victims, all in order to spread relationship-destroying rumours.

The two-part series has only just hit Netflix and has already got people talking due to how 'crazy' the true story turns out to be.

As the show goes deeper, Hardy's victims become so terrified that they shared how they 'had to sleep with weapons' in order to feel safe from Hardy's threatening torments.

The cyber stalker was originally investigated and finally prosecuted, however, it took a whole ten years to pin him to his crimes, leaving his victims to suffer for a decade.

The victims have spoken about what happened with Hardy.

The synopsis for the series, titled Can I Tell You A Secret?, reads: "Three women's lives are changed forever when a prolific stalker infiltrates their social media accounts. And they're only a fraction of his many victims."

"In the face of mounting evidence and an ever-growing number of victims, how did Hardy manage to get away with his crimes for over a decade?" asked Sirin Kale, a journalist from The Guardian, who originally started the investigation into Matthew Hardy.

The victims are three women, Zoe Jade Hallam, Abby Furness, and Lia Marie Hambly, whose story all began the same; they received an odd message from a follower they've never corresponded with before.

Before they knew it, it wasn't just themselves that were being bombarded with threatening messages. Their family, friends and even coworkers ended up being caught in the web.

The victims have came forward.

Thriller fans who've watched the show have responded online, with one saying: "It's absolutely terrifying, I'm only one episode in but it's CRAZY." While a third added: "This Can I Tell You a Secret? documentary is terrifying. As someone who uses social media to share a lot of my life, it really has frightened me into what I do and don't share going forward."

Another added: "Can I Tell You a Secret? on Netflix is haunting, and highlights the endemic of police failing female victims of terrible crime."

'Can I Tell You A Secret?' is available to stream on Netflix now.

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