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Netflix star reveals 'date of death' with gravestone post as fans 'get so scared'

Netflix star reveals 'date of death' with gravestone post as fans 'get so scared'

It had fans panicking

A Netflix star has posted a ‘date of death’ gravestone post on Instagram, and it’s got fans worried for the fate of their character.

The star in question is Robert Sheehan, and fans have got concerned considering just next month, the final season of Sheehan’s hit show Umbrella Academy will come out.

His character, Klaus, is known in the Netflix show for his ability to be able to speak to and interact with the dead, however, fans were worried this post from Sheehan was a sign of things to come in the final season.

The post showed a tombstone, with Robert Sheehan’s name and the caption ‘playing dead, Robert Sheehan, 7 January 1988 – 5 September 2024.’

Fans freaked out over it on Instagram, running to the comments to voice their panic at the wording of his post.

One commented: “Oh my god I got so scared. Don’t do that ever again please and thank you.”

Another said: “Uhm mister.. you worried me there for a hot minute..”, whilst one asked ‘What does this mean rob’.

Fans were clearly panicked by the post, with one commenting: “That scared me so bad holy sh*t!”

The post from Sheehan. (Instagram)
The post from Sheehan. (Instagram)

The comments, however, eventually righted themselves when they made the connection to Sheehan’s career.

As well as playing Klaus, who interacts with the dead, Sheehan is also most well known for playing Misfits character Nathan Young.

In Misfits a group of young people are given superpowers, with Nathan’s power being … well immortality.

One fan commented: “I don’t think people understand. But if you’ve been a longtime Robert Sheehan fan, you’ll know that some of his most prominent roles are the ones where he literally plays an immortal character or a character that somehow cheats death or is dead in some way.

Sheehan stars in Umbrella Academy. (Netflix)
Sheehan stars in Umbrella Academy. (Netflix)

“I think he is referencing that he’s a little done being ‘typecasted’ and looking to branch out to other roles. I could be completely talking out of my ass though.

“I’ve been a fan of his since Misfits.”

Whilst a great theory, it isn’t the real reason unfortunately.

Eagle eyed fans spotted the random date of September 5, 2024 wasn’t so random after all.

September 5th is the date that Sheehan’s next book is set to release, by the name Playing Dead.


With Klaus and his superpowered family of the Umbrella Academy set back on our screens one final time in August – you can understand why fans were panicking.

Here’s hoping that Klaus can make it to the end of the show because, based on this reaction, he’ll have a lot of angry fans if he does.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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