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Trailer for Cobra Kai season 5 has arrived

Trailer for Cobra Kai season 5 has arrived

Netflix just dropped the trailer and it looks amazing.

The trailer for the highly-anticipated fifth season of Cobra Kai has just been dropped by Netflix.

It was posted to social media along with the caption: "Cobra Kai Season 5 premieres September 9 – and nothing hits harder than a comeback."

Fans are unsurprisingly losing their minds over the trailer.

"Cannot wait!!" wrote one fan alongside a dancing gif while a second added: "So stoked!"

"Whoa, I'm so excited," wrote a third.

The show's official synopsis reads: "Decades after the tournament that changed their lives, the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel reignites in this sequel to the Karate Kid films."

William Zabka who plays Johnny Lawrence in the franchise said of its revival: "It was like watching an old friend come back to life."

He told Discussing Film in September 2021: "It was a great feeling… It was great because I got to dive deep into the humanity of the character.

"And, you know, in The Karate Kid, I played this very external fighter with an attitude, and now we're getting into the soul of who the character was. So it's very rewarding to play that, and very fun."

Co-creator Josh Herald told Deadline in July 2021 that the show's creators 'love making this show', but they 'also know that it's a comedy, a drama, and an action series.'

Discussing how it combines genres, he said: "It's a lot of things and we don't necessarily fit into one category in the minds of some people.

"The concept of our show is taking the villain from The Karate Kid, putting him front and center, and giving him the Better Call Saul treatment where you're emotionally invested in his story. We're really grateful to Netflix and Sony, as well as our cast and crew."

However, while the show has been a hit, its creators did have their reservations about it initially because of the enduring popularity of The Karate Kid.

"My concern going in was what the tone of the show was going to be because The Karate Kid was such a family movie from the ’80s, [so] how are we going to achieve this today?" Zabka told Page Six in December 2021.

"Also, I wanted to make sure that at the end of the show, Johnny doesn't take the proverbial crane kick in the face and become cemented as the biggest villain of all time."

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