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Naked And Afraid XL Contestant's Pooped Out Tomato Seeds Are Growing

Naked And Afraid XL Contestant's Pooped Out Tomato Seeds Are Growing

He made some pretty unusual plans to ensure he'd have food to eat while taking part in the show

Naked and Afraid XL contestant Dan Link used some pretty unusual methods to ensure he’d be able to grow his own food while in the Amazon and they’re already paying off. 

Survivalist Link is appearing on the the latest season of the Discovery+ show and before he headed off to the rainforest, he admitted to chowing down on a bunch of tomatoes. But when he took a poop, he covered it with dirt, added a bit of water and now, remarkably, the plants are growing. 

In a clip, Link talks about the plan he implemented to grow his ‘butt tomatoes’, explaining: “I ate a ton of tomato seeds before starting the challenge.”

He goes on to explain that the seeds of the fruit pass through your digestive system intact, before adding: “When I went to the bathroom for the first time out here, I mixed it with some dirt and left it, and it just filled with little tomato sprouts.”

That is some dedication to a tomato, eh? Not sure if I’m disgusted or impressed - possibly both. 

The plants have been growing so well that he’s since been able to move them around and now has several plants growing away on his ‘little terraces’. 

In fact, Link said his plan went a ‘little too well’ and that everywhere he planted a couple of sprouts has ended up with ten, so he’s had to cull some out to ensure that the rest are able to grow properly. 

His unusual plan will be shared in the next episode of the show, which is due to air on Discovery+ tomorrow. 

Although it sounds slightly… OK, very… odd, Link’s plan is actually pretty solid. Last year, an environmental campaigner from Kent in the UK discovered a bumper crop of ‘poop tomatoes’, which he claimed came from a sewage release in the area.

Nik Mitchell even ate one of the tomatoes, saying it was ‘delicious’. He explained: “When I went home and looked online, I found ‘poop tomato’ is a coined term.

“To have reached fruit, they must have been a couple of months’ old."

Tomato seeds can pass through the human digestion system intact.

Mitchell claimed the tomatoes were due to raw sewage being dumped into the sea last summer, Southern Water told Kent Online it was actually because tomato seeds can survive the water treatment process. 

A spokesperson told the news outlet: “Tomatoes evolved to spread by being eaten by birds and animals and the very resilient seeds not only survive passage through digestive systems but the through wastewater treatment processes.

“Tomatoes have been spotted near outfalls around the country for many years and are now self-seeding – many generations have sprung up fruited and then regrown from the seeds.”

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Featured Image Credit: Discovery+

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