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Moment Aubrey Plaza 'loses it' at SAG Awards explained by White Lotus co-star

Moment Aubrey Plaza 'loses it' at SAG Awards explained by White Lotus co-star

An insider revealed why Plaza seemingly lost it at the award ceremony

One of Aubrey Plaza's co-stars from The White Lotus has explained exactly what was going when the actor 'lost' it on stage.

The hit comedy-drama series took home its second title at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on 27 February, yet viewers clocked onto the fact that leading star Plaza looked a whole lot less than pleased to win the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series trophy.

However, an insider has since revealed why she looked so upset during F Murray Abraham's acceptance speech after being seen visibly mouthing some far from joyous words. Check it out:

The 38-year-old took to the stage in typical Plaza fashion, donning a pair of black shades and a deadpan facial expression to match.

Entering the podium with her army of co-stars, it became clear that Plaza was struggling to find a good spot to stand in and was being pushed to the back multiple times.

Viewers can even hear Theo James - who played Cameron - saying: "Oh, sorry," as he makes room to let Plaza into the circle.

Meghan Fahy, who starred as Cameron's wife Daphe, can also be seen trying to alert the other cast members that Plaza was all the way at the back of the congregation.

Aubrey Plaza looked less than impress during the acceptance speech.

Jon Gries, who portrayed the role of Jennifer Coolidge's mysterious husband, Greg, then starts gesturing at Plaza's cut-out dress.

Plaza then looks down at her chest and immediately covers up the cut-out sections with her hands, looking quite obviously startled and uncomfortable.

The star then readjusts herself and continues fidgeting while Abraham's speech nears its end.

As he concludes: "I'd like to send a prayer out to the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey and a prayer for peace in Ukraine and Russia," Plaza's deadpan demeanour transforms into a whole new expression as her eyes widen and she furrows her eyebrows.

While the crowd erupts in a cheer, Fahy then goes to hug Michael Imperioli, who played Dominic Di Grasso, while Plaza mouths the words of what some people believe to either be 'Jesus Christ' or 'this s*** is f***ed'.

Fans thought they saw the actress mouth 'Jesus Christ' as F Murray Abraham mentioned Ukraine and Russia during his speech.

An insider has since explained just what was going through Plaza's mind as she accepted the award for the hit HBO television series.

"There were a couple of different things going on in that moment," the insider began when speaking to the Daily Mail.

"First, she was told that her boob was hanging out which would cause any woman to be uncomfortable," they added, referring to the not-so-subtle gesturing from Gries.

The source also went on to explain that when Abraham ended his speech with the heartfelt prayer, it was merely just bad timing that Plaza seemed to mouth 'Jesus Christ' in the exact same moment.

It seems Plaza's facial expression came from her outfit being called out.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

The source confirmed that Plaza's reaction was toward being almost elbowed in the face by Fahy rather than anything to do with Abraham's prayers to the earthquake victims.

"Aubrey is extremely expressive, and she is also very sarcastic,” the insider added before noting, "she is very proud of her work on White Lotus."

UNILAD has reached out to reps for Plaza for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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