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'Unrecognizable' Mila Kunis praised for her role in 2020 movie just added to Netflix

'Unrecognizable' Mila Kunis praised for her role in 2020 movie just added to Netflix

Mila Kunis' role in a 'heartbreaking' film has stunned Twitter users.

An 'unrecognizable' Mila Kunis has been praised for her role in a 2020 movie that has recently been added to Netflix.

Four Good Days, originally released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020, features Kunis as a heroin addict and Glenn Close as her mother who is desperate to keep her sober for four days.

The film is based on a 2016 article written by journalist Eli Saslow for The Washington Post, which focused on the true story of an addict who had moved in with her mother during her recovery process.

In her role as Margaret 'Molly' Wheeler, a 31-year-old addict, Kunis is barely recognizable as her usual glamorous self.

Wheeler's face is covered in sores and scabs, and she appears haggard and worn down throughout the film.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their astonishment at the transformation of Kunis, who is best known for her roles in Family Guy and films like Ted, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Black Swan.

One user wrote: "Four Good Days on @netflix should be your next watch. Mila Kunis plays a heroin addict who has to stay clean for four more days in order to get a life saving drug, but she needs help from her estranged mom (Glenn Close), who has given up on her, in order to do it."

Glenn Close and Mila Kunis star as mother and daughter in 'Four Good Days'.
Vertical Entertainment

Another wrote: "Anyone seen Four Good Days on Netflix? Mila Kunis playing a 10 year heroin addict who hasn’t showered for weeks and has no teeth left [...] underrated actress!"

A fellow admirer tweeted: "Just watched Four Good Days on Netflix it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. Seeing someone fighting to overcome and addiction was gut-wrenching. The performances from Glenn Close and Mila Kunis were phenomenal. I have so much respect for anyone who has fought this battle."

Kunis has been called 'unrecognizable' by viewers.
Vertical Entertainment

One Twitter user simply described Kunis' performance as 'incredible', while another said: "Just watched Four Good Days. Another film based on true events on the Oxy [Oxytocin] crisis and the lives it destroys. Terribly tragic. Mila Kunis and Glenn Close were phenomenal."

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment in 2020, Kunis revealed that she'd dropped a stone in weight to take on the 'challenging' role.

The 39-year-old said: "The physicality of it becomes really challenging, and she’s just in a constant state of despair.

"My character never had any release. She just didn’t.

"So I was really happy that the film wasn’t a two month-long production. You know, sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh, I wish this went on longer.’ I was very happy when it ended. I was like, ‘I’m good. This is enough.’"

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