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Robert Downey Jr. gets fans excited revealing why he'd 'happily' return to play Iron Man again

Robert Downey Jr. gets fans excited revealing why he'd 'happily' return to play Iron Man again

The Oppenheimer star has hinted about the future of his iconic Marvel character, and we're all losing it

Following Robert Downey Jr’s Oscar win, the world appears to be at his feet.

The Oppenheimer star has done the lot at this point. He has starred as Tony Stark in one of the biggest box office successes ever, he’s made millions, and has now been honoured with an Oscar for his incredible outing in Christopher Nolan’s newest film.

With the choice of anything in the world he could be doing though, it appears that a return to the shoes of Iron Man remains on the cards.

The Iron Man star was asked in an interview with Esquire after his Oscar win whether he would ever step back into the role, and fans will love the answer.

He said: “Happily. It’s too integral a part of my DNA. That role chose me. And look, I always say, Never, ever bet against Kevin Feige. It is a losing bet. He’s the house. He will always win.”

It's safe to say, Marvel fans are excited.

One replied to the news saying: “I would literally start watching the mcu again if he came back”.

An upcoming Avengers film, Avengers: Secret Wars, has been announced – with the expectation of many fans being that if RDJ is set to return, this will be when it takes place.

Robert Downey Jr. starred as Iron Man in the MCU. Marvel/Disney
Robert Downey Jr. starred as Iron Man in the MCU. Marvel/Disney

One said: “His return in Secret Wars will be the biggest cinematic moment of the decade.”

Secret Wars is a comic event involving characters from various universes coming together, so this news has furthered rumours the Oppenheimer actor will come back, despite the end to Avengers Endgame (if you haven’t seen it at this point that isn’t on us).

In his interview With Esquire, Downey Jr gave an incredibly personal chat, in which he went into his past with his father, who introduced the Iron Man actor to cocaine at 15, as well as an emotional exchange with the writer himself.

Ryan D’Agostino, who interviewed Downey Jr, has spoken in the past about his son’s battle with leukemia.

When D’Agostino’s son - who is an Iron Man fan - called regarding his college essay during the interview, Downey Jr picked up.

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI

As the conversation turned to his brother’s cancer and trying to write about it for his essay, he went on to give him tear-jerkingly emotional advice on not feeling guilty about utilising trauma.

He said: “I’m sittin’ here with your pops. And listen, I have similes to your experience in my life, and it’s really hard to not feel guilty about them being part of your story, that on some level could benefit you by sharing them, because you never want to profit in any way off something that could be labeled as a tragedy.

“You needn’t burden yourself with that. It’s an exercise.

“Take a second—like we’ve had all these lulls in our interview today. But it’s gonna come.

“It’s hard to give yourself permission to let your experience benefit you when it’s resultant of what has to be classified as a tragedy.”

Well, we’re all in tears – and it’s not even anything to do with the idea of Tony Stark coming back.

Featured Image Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images for SBIFF/Marvel

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