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Chris Evans says he won’t return to the MCU if it feels like a ‘cash grab’

Chris Evans says he won’t return to the MCU if it feels like a ‘cash grab’

The Captain America actor isn't ruling out picking up the vibranium shield once again, but it has to be for the right reasons.

Chris Evans isn't ruling out a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But it has to be for the right reasons.

Between 2011 and 2019, he played Steve Rogers/Captain America in 11 movies in a career-defining role.

He officially said goodbye to the character in 2019's Avengers: Endgame and he's been dogged by questions about a potential return ever since.

While he handed over Captain America's shield to Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson/Falcon, fans are begging to see Evans put on the red, white and blue superhero suit once again.


Thankfully for them, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

In a wide-ranging interview with GQ, Evans was asked whether he would come back to the role.

“I’ll never say never, just because it was such a wonderful experience," he replied.

"But I’m also very precious with it. It’s something that I am very proud of.

"And like I said, sometimes I can’t believe it even happened. And I wouldn’t want the black eye if it felt like a cash grab or if it didn’t live up to expectations or if it just felt like it wasn’t connected to that original thing."

He said an opportunity like that wouldn't be any time soon.

The 42-year-old added that his busy acting days could also be behind him.

He shot three films this year alone, Ghosted, Red One, and Pain Hustlers, two films in 2022 and 2021, and a whopping five films in 2019.

He told GQ: "Ultimately I really hope to just maybe act a little bit less in my life.

"I have a lot of other interests. Look, by no means have I climbed any sort of a mountain in this field.

"I have no Oscars and I’m not lumped with other names that are at the top of the mountain in any way. But I also feel very satisfied.”

He says he would love to spend time doing things that pique his interest and scratch that itch that Hollywood hasn't.

“I like autonomous things. I’d like to just smoke a joint, put on some music, and like, get into pottery. You know what I mean?" he mused.

He recently got married to his girlfriend of one year, Alba Baptista, in a private ceremony.

Featured Image Credit: Cindy Ord/WireImage. Marvel/Disney

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