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Actor Marcia Gay Harden reveals all of her children are queer

Actor Marcia Gay Harden reveals all of her children are queer

Marcia Gay Harden made the announcement during an appearance on the Drag Isn't Dangerous telethon.

Marcia Gay Harden took part in the Drag Isn't Dangerous telethon event over the event where she shared some rare details about her kids.

The US star, known for her roles in the likes of So Help Me Todd, The Mist, Code Black and Mystic River, was taking part in the event alongside the likes of Idina Menzel, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Charlize Theron, Jesse Eisenberg and Sarah Hyland.

The event was an all-day charity livestream in response to an anti-drag Tennessee bill that was first introduced in February that bans public 'adult cabaret performance' in the state.

During the telethon, Harden opened up about her children, saying that all three of them are queer.

The actor shares 24-year-old Eulala and twins Julitta and Hudson, 19, with ex-husband Thaddaeus Scheel.

The actor has revealed her three children are queer.

Speaking to co-host Adam Shankman, according to PEOPLE, Harden said: "What drives me is because it’s right, and what’s happening right now is wrong.

"What drives me is — my children are all queer. My eldest child is non-binary. My son is gay. My youngest is fluid. And you know, they are my kids and they teach me every day."

The actor was then pressed on her thoughts surrounding the recent anti-LGBTQIA+ community legislation - something she is certainly not a fan of.

"This is so fear-based and it's spreading that kind of fear and hatred among other people," the Oscar-winning actor said. "I believe this country will fight that."

Following her appearance on the livestream, Harden went on to share a bunch of photos from the broadcast.

Captioning them, she wrote: "The only thing dangerous about drag is how hot these Queens are!"

She encouraged her followers to donate to the charity, adding that supporting LGBTQIA+ community is 'in support of all of us'.

Marcia Gay Harden has encouraged her followers to donate.

She added: "Our nation, our neighbours, our children, artists, our singers, our dancers, our better leaders, CEOs, writers, spiritual leaders, basically our humanity.

"Gay is here to stay. Drag is here to stay. Donate what you can, and join us in spreading the love."

Elsewhere in the livestream, Atomic Blonde's Charlize Theron, who has a trans daughter, vowed to 'f*** up' anyone that attacks the LGBTQIA+ community.

"I’m in your corner and we’ve got you, and I will f**ck anybody up who’s trying to f**ck… with you guys." she said.

"In all seriousness, there [are] so many things that are hurting and really killing our kids, and we all know what I’m talking about right now, and it ain’t no drag queen.

"If you’ve ever seen a drag queen lip sync for her life, it only makes you happier."

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo / Instagram/@mgh_8

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