People are horrified by incredibly dark The Lion King theory

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People are horrified by incredibly dark The Lion King theory

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People are still learning new things about original Lion King movie almost 30 years after its release, but one theory has led viewers to believe the kids film is actually very dark.

Though the 2019 Lion King remake had an epic cast and was undeniably visually amazing, the original remains just as good as ever and is actually the preferred version for many Disney fans out there.

It's got a killer soundtrack and a story that pulls at the heartstrings, but re-watching the film after childhood makes you realise all the more morbid aspects you might have missed as an innocent young child.

Here's hoping this particular theory doesn't ruin the film for you forever:


Some dark realisations about The Lion King have already been made popular over the years since its release, for example the parade of hyenas resembling Nazis, but one thing you might never have associated with the film is cannibalism.

Don't worry, you didn't somehow miss Hannibal Lecter sneaking around Pride Rock; this is actually apparent cannibalism within the lion species.

The theory has been shared by multiple TikTokers, and relates to the scene in which Mufasa falls into the stampede of wildebeest. It's clear that Simba's dad isn't going to survive, but TikTokers have questioned what happens to his body after Simba leaves him behind. We never see the King again, which suggests his remains are 'taken care of' by some other hungry animals.

The TikToker points out that Scar is later seen messing around with a skull, so it's suggested that Scar might have made a meal out of his own brother, with Wild Explained describing how lions will eat each other's meat in 'desperate times'.

Given that Scar was an outcast of Pride Rock, he might have had to take his protein where he could get it.

Fans of The Lion King have been left disturbed by the dark theory, with one person responding: "STOP F*CKING UP MY CHILDHOOOODDD [sic]," while another commented: "I didn't need to see this."

It's suggested the skull could belong to Mufasa. Credit: @bumanji/TikTok
It's suggested the skull could belong to Mufasa. Credit: @bumanji/TikTok

However, there are some issues with the theory, the first of which comes when the TikToker claims 'hyenas don't usually eat lions'. Though they might not rely solely on lions as a food source, and they don't commonly hunt them alive, hyenas are known to eat dead lions and are scavengers who might well have polished off Mufasa's body. Sorry.

Another flaw in the theory has been pointed out by Twitter users, who argue the skull Scar is holding is actually a baboon skull - not a lion skull. If that's the case, then the horror of Scar hanging out with his brother's corpse is less likely.

Still, there's no denying that there are some morbid aspects of The Lion King, and watching it as an adult they're a lot harder to ignore.

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