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People are calling for Lemon and Tangerine from Bullet Train to get their own spin-off

People are calling for Lemon and Tangerine from Bullet Train to get their own spin-off

Viewers have praised 'the twins' as the best part of the film

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Bullet Train

Fans of Bullet Train are calling for Lemon and Tangerine to get their own spin-off after watching their antics unfold in Brad Pitt's latest movie.

On the off chance you've not seen the film, allow me to assure you that such a spin-off wouldn't involve two animated citrus fruits heading off on adventures.

Instead, the names are those given to 'the twins', played in Bullet Train by Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The pair provide a challenge for Pitt's character, Ladybug, as he seeks to get hold of a briefcase which is, technically, in their possession, but as well as being dangerous and deathly, the twins proved endlessly entertaining for viewers.

"I need a spinoff of Lemon and Tangerine or just Lemon. They were my favorite [sic] part of Bullet Train," one fan wrote, while another commented: "Bullet Train was f***ing amazing and hilarious. Now I want a prequel with Lemon and Tangerine !!! THEY HAD ME IN TEARS."

The calls for a spin-off involving Henry and Taylor-Johnson don't stop there, with one fan calling for a series documenting their 'brotherly adventures' while another said filmmakers should 'just put Lemon and Tangerine in every movie now'.

Fans are shown just how ruthless Lemon and Tangerine can be with a montage showing all the murders they committed to recover the White Death's son (Logan Lerman), and their story plays a vital part in the film as they seek to track down the briefcase after someone steals it.

The chemistry between Lemon and Tangerine isn't limited to the screen, as in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Taylor-Johnson said he and Henry 'just hit it off straight away', adding: "[Brian Tyree Henry] is just a beautiful person and a good, good friend. I really care for him. So everything that you see in the movie is really just us going way off the page and improvising.”

The actor said his and Henry's performances in the film were 'instantaneous', explaining the pair acted on 'intuition' as well as 'good old improvisation and banter'.

"I’ve never had that before with another actor," he continued, adding: "We really just bounced off one another, and we really truly got in sync. So I was able to be bold, and we just kept pushing each other."

Taylor-Johnson continued: "Brian Tyree Henry is such a versatile, talented actor, and I was already a huge admirer of his work. But I didn’t know who Tangerine was until he stepped on set as Lemon, and that’s when I knew I’d be in good hands."

As well as Taylor-Johnson and Henry, Pitt is joined in Bullet Train by Andrew Koji, Joey King, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon and Sandra Bullock, among others.

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