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Jonathan Majors responds to Ant Man 3 becoming second-worst reviewed MCU movie in history

Jonathan Majors responds to Ant Man 3 becoming second-worst reviewed MCU movie in history

The Ant Man actor says that bad reviews says that the film's bad reviews don't change the way he sees himself.

After Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania opened to mixed reviews, actor Jonathan Majors has hit back at the critics.

The film has quickly become one of the Marvel’s lowest rated films on Rotten Tomatoes, barely beating 2021’s Eternals which scored a mediocre 47 percent.

Despite this, the 33-year-old actor has said it ‘doesn’t change’ the way he sees himself.

His comments came after The Harder They Fall actor spoke on Indiewire’s Screen Talk podcast earlier this week.

Majors discussed the long-awaited film, which launched the MCU’s phase five and saw him make his first cinematic appearance as the villainous Kang the Conqueror.

Fans had been delighted to see Majors transition to the big screen after he starred in season one of Loki, alongside British actor Tom Hiddleston.

Though there was much hype around the film, it's struggled to gain the same critical reaction as other entireties in the MCU, with one reviewer even saying that not even Paul Rudd's charisma could save the film from being ‘unremarkable’.

As audiences continue to turn out for the film, Majors gave his perspective on bad reviews.

Jonathan Majors has revealed he isn't phased by bad reviews.
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“It doesn’t change how I see myself, period. It’s all data,” admitted the Lovecraft County actor, as he spoke about the third Ant-Man film with the host Eric Kohn.

Majors even revealed that he will often speak with his team about how his films are doing, but said that he rarely takes it personally as critics are ‘just people’.

He continued: “It’s just people... They have an opinion. You always have an opinion. I’m no fool. I know these are people writing it. These aren’t my Yale professors or my drama teachers.”

Unlike most other actors, Majors even referred to the unflattering Rotten Tomatoes score during the interview and told listeners that it was meaningless given audience’s reaction.

“But what does that 47 mean when you also got this amount of box office?” he added.

Whilst his attitude is admirable, Marvel Studios had been hoping for a better critical response after the franchise’s films struggled during the fourth phase.

The film opened on February 17 to scathing reviews from critics.
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As the new stage begins, both fans and reviewers will be curious to see how the studio responds to its criticism.

However, they’ll have plenty to look forward to as Kang will appear in the second series of Loki and the highly anticipated, Secret Invasion.

Fans of the franchise will excited about the upcoming Deadpool 3 film, which will see the loud mouth merc, played by Ryan Reynolds, return to the big screen.

Joining him will be The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman, with the Aussie actor already in training for the role that made him famous over two decades ago.

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