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Marvel Fans Think They’ve Worked Out Who Is Playing Doctor Doom In The MCU

Marvel Fans Think They’ve Worked Out Who Is Playing Doctor Doom In The MCU

Marvel fans have taken to Reddit to discuss who they think could be playing Doctor Doom in the MCU and where he might appear.

Marvel fans have recently taken to Reddit to discuss who they think might be playing Dr Doom in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

Having pieced together some clues they've picked up along the way, Reddit user TheUncannyBroker described their thoughts as a 'totally non-deranged conspiracy theory', before going straight in with who they suspect is the Dr Doom-to-be.

And, to be fair, it wouldn't be surprising if they've hit the nail on the head.

Fans think the next Dr Doom should be Regé-Jean Page. Page first began his acting career in BBC's Waterloo Road and made his big breakout appearance in huge period drama hit Bridgerton which, when added to Netflix, brought in 625.49 million hours viewed during just its first four weeks on the streaming platform.

Fans have their suspicions that the actor, who stars in Netflix's new trending favourite The Gray Man, is likely to be playing Dr Doom in Secret Invasion, or at least somewhere in the MCU.

The Reddit user went on to justify his reasoning for Page being the next Dr Doom with leaked Black Panther: Wakanda Forever concept art, for the infamous post-credit scene that Marvel loves to feature so dearly in their cinematic masterpieces.

They describe the 'Michael Myers-looking guy on the right' as looking similar to that of Kingley Ben-Adirs character in Secret Invasion, reported to be 'the main antagonist of the series'. He was spotted on the film set of Secret Invasion wearing the same clothing.

Regé-Jean Page was also listed on the Secret Invasion cast for a while, but Marvel Studios added that he was wrongfully included in the listing on Twitter. Readers were pretty unconvinced as to how this could have happened.

Fans are convinced that Marvel are trying to hide Page's involvement in the series for one reason or another. Dr Doom is such an illusive and mysterious character, that it's only understandable for them to want to stay hush about the actor behind the mask and keep them incognito.

Other Reddit users have conflicting opinions on who they think Dr Doom might be, with one fan saying: "I think Nikolai Coster-Waldau would be a perfect doom. Feel like he has the confidence and gravitas to really bring the character to life." While other fans aren't too bothered who plays Dr Doom, as long as they stick to the character and play him well.

One thing is for sure, whoever it is has high expectations to live up to, as there's nothing more ferocious than disgruntled Marvel fans.

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