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Jonah Hill purposely spoke the wrong line in Wolf of Wall Street to get revenge on Leonardo DiCaprio
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Jonah Hill purposely spoke the wrong line in Wolf of Wall Street to get revenge on Leonardo DiCaprio

He wanted to get his own back so came up with a plan

Jonah Hill has revealed a prank he played on his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio that left him vomiting in a bin.

Now, that might sound a little mean - but Hill has also shared why he felt the need to get his own back on his pal during filming of one particular scene in the movie. You can watch the scene here:

The scene may seem harmless enough now, but Hill has revealed the behind-the-scenes secrets that mean you’ll probably never watch it in the same way again.

It all started thanks to DiCaprio’s dedication to nailing a scene, so much so that every slap or punch you see him doing on film is very real.

Hill explained: “Any time you do any sort of physical scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, he doesn’t understand that it’s acting, and he beats the living crap out of you for six months.”

He went on: “As you can see in the lude fight or any other scene, I get punched in the face, I got punched in the face for real.”

Jonah Hill said Leonardo DiCaprio would punch for real during fight scenes.
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After months of filming, Hill knew that he wanted to get his own back, but admitted that he didn’t think he’d be able to take on the actor in a physical battle so he had to use his brain to get even.

And so to the scene in question, which sees the pair sharing sushi at a desk and Jordan (played by DiCaprio) subtly letting Donnie (Hill) know that he’s wearing a wire and should avoid saying anything that will incriminate himself.

Hill explained: “There was a scene, which is my favourite scene between us – it’s my favourite scene I’ve ever shot in a movie, actually.

"And in the sushi scene, the line was written as…”

At this point, DiCaprio jumped in to say: “I was supposed to say, ‘Do you want that last piece of yellowtail’.”

With Hill picking up: “And I was supposed to say, ‘Yes,’ and then eat it.”

Hill decided to get his revenge on DiCaprio.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

But instead of following the script, Hill saw his opportunity for revenge.

He said: “And the first take, he goes, ‘Take that last piece of yellowtail,’ and I go, ‘It’s all yours.’

"And then so he had to eat it. So he had to match that take for the rest of the night.

"By the end of the night, he was on the floor throwing up into a waste bin.”

Recalling the occasion, Hill went on: “Everyone was like, ‘Leo, are you OK? Are you OK?’ And the only two people on the floor laughing hysterically were myself and Martin Scorsese.

“It was one of the better moments of the whole shoot. Use your brain; it’s better than your muscles.”

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