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John Mulaney Could Have Been The Lead In Home Alone

John Mulaney Could Have Been The Lead In Home Alone

The comedian could have taken on the role of Kevin over Macauley Culkin

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Macauley Culkin taking on the role of the infamous forgotten child Kevin McCallister.

However, there could actually be an alternative universe out there with stand-up comedian John Mulaney in the leading role.

Mulaney has become more known in his adult years for his work as a writer on Saturday Night Live and his acting credits on titles such as Big Mouth and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, though he also won over many fans with his jokes about the Home Alone franchise in his popular 2012 comedy special New in Town.

During his set the comedian asked the audience whether they were familiar with Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, which sees Kevin's family forget him yet again as they board a plane to Miami while he hops on another jet to New York City.

Mulaney criticised the notion of being lost in New York as he pointed out it was a 'grid system', joking, "Where you at? 24th and 5th? Where you wanna go? 35th and 6th? Eleven up and one over you simple b****!”

As it turns out, though, Mulaney himself had the chance to portray being lost in New York as he confirmed to Vogue in 2015 that he was asked to audition for the role of Kevin.

The comedian admitted he was left feeling envious of Culkin after he got cast in the role, as his own parents 'didn't let [him] audition', saying: "I was in a kid’s sketch comedy group called the Rugrats. This was before the cartoon Rugrats, so we didn’t steal the name from them. And someone saw it – maybe they said [Home Alone writer] John Hughes, I think they did say John Hughes – but I didn’t know who that was."

"And the movie was explained to me differently. It was explained to me that a boy wishes his family would disappear and he wakes up in a foreign land. Looking back, though, it’s an almost perfect film. I don’t think anyone could do it as well as Macaulay [Culkin]. But when I was little, I was so jealous."

Though taking on the lead in a film as popular as Home Alone would no doubt be a great experience for any young actor, at least Mulaney was able to use the franchise to his advantage. After all, had Kevin never got lost in New York, the comedian would never have been able to joke about it.

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