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Jim Carrey Returns As The Cable Guy In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

Jim Carrey Returns As The Cable Guy In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

Carrey first starred as The Cable Guy in 1996. For this year's Super Bowl, he's back.

Jim Carrey hasn't starred as The Cable Guy in more than 25 years, but you know what they say: once you let him into your house, you'll never get him out of your life.

This year's Super Bowl LVI is seeing the Cincinnati Bengals going up against the Los Angeles Rams. Yes, it's the biggest (American) football event of the year, but everyone knows there's far more to this day than sport.

Today is the day when movie studios want to drop the trailers to their biggest projects, when companies of all shapes and sizes spend millions on advertising with big-budget stars and production value, whether it's Edgar Wright and Zendaya, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, Pete Davidson, and Carrey reprising an iconic role.

Carrey first starred as Ernie 'Chip' Douglas in 1996's The Cable Guy. The film follows Matthew Broderick's Steven, who strikes up a friendship with Chip after he installs his, you guessed it, cable. However, his escalating attempts to woo him do more to put Steven off, to the point he rejects Chip's friendship. Soon after, chaos ensues.

Some fun facts: it was directed by Ben Stiller, ranking highly among his earliest directorial efforts (though nothing compared to Reality Bites); and despite being more recognised as a cult classic, it was still a box office smash, raking in more than $102 million at the box office.

The Cable Guy. (Sony Pictures)
The Cable Guy. (Sony Pictures)

Carrey earlier expressed apprehension about returning the role, due in-part to his feelings about sequels being a 'function of commerce... at least the two I've done, they were characters I enjoyed doing, but I did find myself almost parroting myself at that point. When you put 10 years between you and the last time you did it, suddenly you're going, 'How did I do that again?' So, you're imitating your original inspiration. It was super fun with Jeff [Daniels], but I'm not a crazy sequel guy.'

Nevertheless, his brief return for a commercial sparked excitement from fans. 'Never have I ever wanted a sequel to a story more than that of The Cable Guy. The epic tale that is an overly obsessed cable installer can not be stopped at just one story to be told. He has many other clients that have been tormented by his overbearing obsession and love,' one wrote.

'I bet this was a blast for you to revisit, and while it's likely just a Super Bowl ad and not a sequel or reboot like many wish it was, I'm excited to see you perform,' another tweeted.

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Featured Image Credit: Verizon/Sony Pictures

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