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Fans disgusted by David Letterman's 'inappropriate' behavior towards Jennifer Aniston in resurfaced interview

Fans disgusted by David Letterman's 'inappropriate' behavior towards Jennifer Aniston in resurfaced interview

It's not the first time David Letterman has come under fire, but fans are seriously creeped out by an old interview with Jennifer Aniston.

An interview from The David Letterman Show with Jennifer Aniston has resurfaced and it has made fans seriously uncomfortable.

Despite it originally airing back in 1998, the resurfaced clip shows the talk show host sucking Jennifer Aniston’s hair (yes, really) with her visibly looking desperate to leave.

While the segment may have been accepted at the time, fans have now been reacting angrily to the host’s unhygienic antics.

The bizarre (and let’s face it, creepy) moment happened while Aniston was promoting her new rom-com, The Object of My Affection.

Given that this was essentially a work do, you’d think that there would be a level of professionalism from Letterman.

Instead, the host uses the opportunity to make Aniston feel as uncomfortable as possible, with the then-51-year-old getting as close as possible to the then-29-year-old actor.

Edging towards her face, he tells her: "Forgive me if this is rude, I just want to try one thing."

Though the Friends actor puts her hands up to keep him away, Letterman continues.

It’s then that the veteran talk show host put a strand of her hair in her mouth, with the actor desperately trying to laugh off the moment as he slowly pulls away (gross!).

Jennifer Aniston was visibly uncomfortable during the 'creepy' encounter with David Letterman.
The David Letterman Show/NBC

However, the Murder Mystery star eventually couldn’t hide her disgust and is even seen dabbing her hair with tissue afterwards.

While it’s the not only questionable incident on the Late Show with David Letterman, with Madonna and Lindsay Lohan unfortunately receiving similar treatment, fans have been horrified by the recently resurfaced clip.

A video of the disgusting incident has been doing the rounds of Twitter, with a user captioning the clip: “Can't get over how creepy and disturbing this clip of Jennifer Aniston on Letterman is.”

Many users have agreed and pointed out just how unacceptable Letterman's behaviour was, especially considering that Aniston was 22 years his junior.

“These Letterman clips have been making the rounds online - and they are disturbing to say the least,” wrote one former fan, “How was this even acceptable baffles the mind and conscience.”

Many have slammed Letterman after witnessing the resurfaced clip.
Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Others agreed, with another adding: “Misogyny at its finest. I knew a Letterman was a creep (and not very funny) back in the day but I’m ashamed to say I never noticed or commented on this unacceptable behaviour.”

One tweet even suggested that viewers had always been aware of how wrong the clip was, saying: “That was horrible, she clearly didn't want it or like it and the audience saw that.”

Featured Image Credit: The David Letterman Show/NBC

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